PST constantly spinning in standby

So I get home this evening from a long weekend, walk up to the rack to contemplate installing some new power cords waiting for me to stop being lazy.

All hardware is either off or in standby but I notice a sound coming from somewhere. I start putting my ear to everything and discover that the PST, while in standby, is actually spinning the disc that has been in there for WEEKS.

Remember the lazy comment, yeah, I dont play discs that often so my unit sits for weeks at a time in standby.

This is troubling, that the drive is spinning the disc 100% of the time that it is in standby. No telling how many thousands of hours since I have had the PST that a CD has been in there on standby.

I feel like taking a crack at calculating that and asking for an extension of the warranty for that amount of time.

Has anyone else noticed this? I know there have been numerous different issues since release but I dont remember anyone reporting this before.

Does this happen even with another CD inserted while in standby? Maybe the PST has a problem reading the TOC of that specific disc and is on constant retry. Just a guess…
(I experienced this years ago and all I could do to release the CD was unplug AC power. The CD was faulty.)

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If the unit was in “Pause” then the disc will continue to spin, that’s one possibility I know could cause this.

What I understand the “standby” on PSA gears only powers off the input/output but leaves the internal components power on.
With disk spinning in pause mode, PST “standby” might just leave it as is. Need to check with PSA, if PST standby also kills the power to the drive mechanism or will put the disk from pause to stop before entering standby.
If this standby drive spinning without disk in side, it sounds like a problem.

I just tested one here and as you’d expect, pressing pause, just like other players, the disc continues to spin.

Pressing pause and then putting it in standby does not stop the disc.

Leaving it playing and then pressing standby still does not stop it. I think internally, it has a sequence that pauses it, so the disc is still spinning.

Only way I’ve found to stop the disc from spinning 1. is to hit stop. 2. Put the unit in standby and then take it out (which I think is similar to hitting stop), 3. Eject the disc.

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If I hit stop, the disc stops. If I hit play, it plays. Maybe mine’s broken :smiley:


I have not had the chance to test what is being said here but I expect I will have the same experience…i.e. disc only stops spinning on “STOP”.

However, to me, this is not appropriate behavior and not consistent with other PSA devices. In the case of the PST if one presses the standby button, play/pause/spinning SHOULD STOP.

When I walk up to my DAC and hit standby, the music stops, same with the amps and preamp. The PST should be no different. This is just needless wear and tear and should be able to be fixed in software. If not, there should be a statement in the manual that expressly notes the drive will spin indefinitely in standby unless it was stopped or removed.

Seriously, who would have assumed that the disc would spin in standby, on any player, ever?

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My tray will not eject while in Standby.

I wouldn’t expect it too. The unit won’t receive any commands when it’s in standby besides the ON button.

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Oh, I thought you were saying you process was Stop-Standby-Eject.

My misunderstanding.

Embarrassingly, I took a few weeks to find the “stop” button on the remote (there isn’t one on the transport I believe). Until then, the play/pause button was my only recourse to stop playback, and yes, the transport spins until you yell it not to. Perhaps for a future fw release there could could be a 12-hr timeout after which the transport stops if left in pause?

For Disc Playback
Center: A short press will begin play of the selected source. If a disc is playing, another short press will pause the disc. A long press will stop disc playback. The difference between pause and stop is that pause will halt at the current track and time and the SACD drive will continue to spin. Pressing stop will return to the beginning of track 1 and the SACD drive will spin down and stop. (Page 13)

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Understandable, but in standby mode? No.

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I was responding to the above question.
But, yes, you are right this only works in Power On mode, as far as I know.
I’m too lazy the get up and walk across the room, dodge a pile of books my wife left in the way, and then step on the cold wood floor of the dining room where my equipment is. Sigh.

Thanks for this. Embarrassing I never read the manual I guess.