"push to reset" circuit breaker like button on back of Power Plant?


I have a P10 which I like.

I am looking at upgrading the fuse and have read about peoples experiences here.

What is a bit odd that P10 220V versioon should have a 3 A fuse, but can continuously deliver more than 1500 VA. Clearly a 3 A fuse would not be enough.

But there is also the circuit breaker like “push to reset” button.

My suspicion is that the “push to reset” is the main fuse which can be reset, that likely allow 10 A or so. Could this be correct?

But what is then the user replaceable fuse for?

anyone have any clue about this?

Hi there.

I may be right or wrong here, this just for consideration only. Regarding the fuse. In the traditional sense, yes, you would not get continous 1500W through 3A fuse. This fuse does not cut power entirely to the unit. It seems the fuse only protects the driver (amplifier) and digital sections in the PP, which run at a lower voltage and draw less current.

The push button is resettable thermal switch rated at 10A, below is its response curve. It looks to be connected in series with the fuse.



Thanks for comments. I suspect something in line with this too.

It could be that the 3A fuse supply control and digital currents, while the main power to the amplifier go through the thermal fuse. Would be interesting to know how this really works out.

Interesting curve for the thermal fuse. Its indeed a very slow fuse!

It is unusual to see such switch in audio equipment, nice to see PSA not taking shortcuts. Would be interesting to hear if this switch has any impact on sound, it probably does, like any resistive element in power supply. I may try to bypass it temporary and see.