PWD 2 connection question

I recently purchased a PWT and PWDmk2 on Audiogon and have them currently hooked up to a very old tubed line stage/headphone amp (Melos SHA). I plan on eventually updating to a new preamp so I can possibly get back into vinyl as well. My question is would it be safe to hook up the active cross over and the mini dsp directly to the PWD2 and eliminate the line stage? I ask because I believe the manual said not to plug the PWD output into a phono or equalized input of any kind. I just want to make sure I don’t damage anything. Thanks for any help in advance!

Certainly shouldn’t be a problem and there’s no chance of damaging either piece by doing this. Just make sure you’re then using the PWD volume control.

Perfect, that’s just the answer I was really hoping for and can’t wait to try it out! Thanks Paul!