PWD MKII is reseting volume to 50 after updating Bridge II firmware

After updating the FW of my Bridge II to the latest version I observe some odd behavior of my PWD MKII.

  1. Powering up the PWD MKII by it’s rocker switch on the backside
  2. After initialization finished I changed the volume from 50 to 80
  3. After a short time the volume is reset to 50 automatically by the PWD MKII
  4. Again changing the volume from 50 to 80
  5. Again after a short time it’s reset to 50
  6. Once again changed to 80 it stays stable!

So volume is always reset to 50 two times after a power cycle. It’s hard to imagine that the FW change of the Bridge caused the behavior, but you never know!

Does anyone else has an idea or observe the same behavior?


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