PWT MAC address

How do I find the MAC address for the PWT?

I do not see it on the OS version screen or printed on the case. I like to assign a fixed IP address to the devices on my network and name them so that I can tell what is connected at a given time, but I need to know the MAC address to do the assignment.

My serial number is Serial #PWT-C1-3F061085. Thanks.

There’s a handy free iDevice app (may be on Android too) called “Fing” that will list the MAC address and other information for everything on your network.

Fing is available for Android and does the job. You can also log in to your router and see the IP and MAC addresses of connected equipment (at least I can on mine).

My problem was that I had more than one device on my network that only showed a MAC address on the router. I finally figured out which one was the PWT by unplugging the Ethernet cable to the PWT and waiting to see which connection disappeared.

Of all the devices I have connected to my network, the PWT is the first one that does not either have the MAC address printed on it, or have a display where you can look it up. Perhaps PS Audio could add the MAC address and IP address to the Firmware version screen.

The MAC address is on the PWT web page in the network section.


Dennis Kerrisk said The MAC address is on the PWT web page in the network section.


How do I find this web page? Under My PS > My Products, here is what I see. Clicking on the PerfectWave Memory Player link takes me to the product information page.


Just type the IP address of the PWT into your browser.


If you know the device IP address you also find the associated mac address in Fing.

Thanks everyone. I learned something new about typing in an I address in a browser. I have done that before to get to the login screen of my Synology NAS, and router, but never for other equipment. After looking at the PWT information, I typed in some other IP addresses. My Tivo IP returned a whole screen full of text, while other devices returned nothing.

I also tried Fing and was surprised to find that it returned a manufacturer name above the MAC address. After a recent firmware to my ASUS router, it says Loading manufacturer… when configuring a device under DHCP Server, where you can assign a fixed IP address, but it never comes back with anything. Fing displayed a manufacturer for everything right away.

It is not always the manufacturers include sufficient info. during the discovery process.

Note that if you miss something in the Description field, you might type it in via Fing (e.g. ‘My Directstream DAC’), however this added info will only be used by Fing for added clarity and not by others (the new text will not turn up in your router allocation table).