Qobuz Customer Support

Has anyone had any luck with Qobuz customer support? I seems no-existent to me and very frustrating. I’m having login issues and having trouble with a simple password change. When trying to send an e-mail to reset my password I get the message in french stating “Cette adresse email n’est associée à aucun compte” which translated means “This email address is not associated with any account”. Well the funny thing is I just got a payment confirmation that my bill was paid to that same e-mail address. I have sent three separate e-mails to customers service, the first one over a week ago, with no response. I have not found any contact phone numbers? Anyone had similar experience or advice?

They are represented by multiple employees on the Qobuz threads on Audiophile Style so try there.


They’re also well represented by David Solomon on Facebook, where he’s the administrator of the “Streaming Music Matters & Qobuz (USA)” group. He’s basically the face of the company in the US, so if you’re on Facebook and want to join that group, I’m sure he can point you in the right direction.

Also, when I’ve had tech questions, I’ve always gotten good service from someone named Sebastien (no last name given) at the address support-help@qobuz.com.

I hope one or the other prove at least somewhat helpful. I know how frustrating it can be to get responsive service.


I’ve had excellent and timely support…from France no less…in the past.

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Although I’m not currently signed up for any streaming plan, I’m still able to buy downloads from their download store. I recently needed their support because when I tried to go to my shopping cart I was redirected to a marketing page. I raised a support ticket and got a response the next day. Being an ex-IT support guy I was a little embarrassed to have missed the reason why. I just needed to clear the browser cache. :roll_eyes: So my one and only (so far) interaction with their support team was positive.

I’m a little curious, why are you getting browser pages in French? Setting up my account from Australia, it was ‘associated’ with Australia and my site visits generate pages in English. May not be at all relevant to your current difficulties but it may be worth checking once you get things sorted.

For the record, my interaction with the support team (support-help@qobuz.com) was with someone named ‘Alex’.

Hope your issue is resolved quickly.

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Thanks everyone for the comments and experiences. I finally got a response and got everything resolved. Much appreciated!

Hey VanMyster!

May I ask what the issue was and how it was resolved? I lost my acct in a similar fashion about a month ago and I opened a ticket with them. They told me to wait till Mar, but when nothing happened I checked and they closed the ticket without resolution!

Frustrated to say the least and wondering what to do next, if I should try again through same or different means.

Thanks for any info!

Welcome, @vintagemintage !

I hope you get your issue resolved soon.

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I ended up entering a new ticket ever couple days but never got a response until soon after my post here. Someone had hacked my original account. Customer Service helped me get back going again but linked to a different e-mail address this time.

This is tangential but I waited weeks for a reply from Roon Support. I assume it has to do with more requests than staff will allow. How’s that for speculation based on absolutely zero information?