Random Volume Jump - DirectStream Sr

So, I was listening to some music via my DSD Sr. with the volume at around 50 on the DSD this evening. I was knocked back out of my seat when the DSD volume jumped to 91! It was so loud that I had to dash to my amp to turn the gain knob down as fast as I could. This has never happened before. I am running my DSD on Redcloud.

Is this a known bug in the software?

Were you using the Bridge?

Yes, I was streaming Qobuz.

The three causes of spontaneous volume jumps that I know of are 1) Rarely during a software update, 2) Run away IR control (or other IR source) and 3) Something in the bridge.

There’s a bug in the bridge that causes skips to one of a few “favorite” volume settings now and then, but I’ve heard of “random” values much more rarely.

I don’t know if it would have helped in your case or not, but you might try setting a maximum volume on the configuration menu (press gear in upper left and then the green button to the right of “Setup”.

There are separate limits for the high and low settings (the 20dB attenuator in or out)

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Thanks for the information and advice Ted. It was definitely a first for me and I use the DAC daily, including streaming through the Bridge daily.

I am not quite sure what a “run away IR control” entails, but I will say that my DSD remote was pointed directly at the DAC when this happened, albeit 2 feet away from me and touched by nothing/nobody.

For the protection of my speakers and hearing, I will set a maximum as you suggested just in case it rears its ugly head once again. If it is Bridge related, I will keep my fingers crossed that it is resolved in the upcoming Bridge update. One can only hope anyway.