Recommend HDMI cable using the new PST

Depends on length but you could probably get into a AQ Firebird for under $1k wire world platinum starlight 48 $800-$1000. Inakustik is well regarded but if you are willing to go to $1k and can use .75m a used dragon 48 could be found in the $1200 range a new $1500. Good luck with your search!

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By the way, if you are looking for a 0.75 used Firebird 48, I have one advertised on USAudiomart and AudiophileStyle for $900

Is the “48” version THE Dragon HDMI cable to have?


Yes. The Dragon 48 is the only one that will play I2S. The eArc doesn’t pass I2S. Call Nick at TMR if you don’t want to pay MSRP.


Well that’s some good information. Wouldn’t think it wouldn’t pass a signal at all. Thanks.

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Thank you Paul.


Hi Scotte, I have 100 hours on the Dragon going from my streamer to DS JR and it is a very special cable indeed. I’ve heard that it will even sound better up to 500 hours of use.


Now that I’ve had my PST for a few months, I’ve been considering an upgrade from my AQ Chocolate HDMI (which I picked up for $50 just to set a baseline). Reading a lot of the posts here and in other threads, I ended up purchasing an open-box Thunderbird 48 from TMR after amazon “lost” the Vodka 48 I ordered a couple of weeks back. Thunderbird just arrived and already it’s a noticeable improvement over the previous-gen Chocolate. Something that stands out to me is how impactful plosives are with the Thunderbird. I can’t say I’ve noticed that specifically and immediately with any other cable I’ve upgraded to. Of course there’s time needed to settle in, I’m sure more improvements are to follow :grinning:

Side by side photo of the two cables, if anyone is interested

I’ve been listening to USB through MKII. I have Mac Mini/Tidal to Curious USB to MKII to BHK Pre to BHK 600’s to Golden Ear Reference speakers. It all depends on the quality of the source material even through Tidal! My jaw dropped when I listened to Night Train by Christian McBride. The textures of the cello is stunning. Boz Scaggs’ voice is awesome in Thanks to You Also check out the bottom end. Listen to Lucky by Kat Edmonson. Congratulations to the PS Audio team. Streaming can be fantastic via the MKII.