Recommend HDMI cable using the new PST

Congratulations. I hope it settles well into your system.

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Thanks @Serhan! It sounds fantastic already! I see the hype I just wish the wait wasn’t as crazy as it is so all could enjoy without frustration of the long delivery period!


Happy you got yours, thrilled with mine


Does RAL ship overseas (France) ? Than

There is a mistake, I am still using AudioQuest and am hesitant to order as people complain about extensive delays. The website says prices include “FREE SHIPPING WORLDWIDE!” But does not specify if it is USPS, FedEx or second class mail. I suggest you email Brad and inquire.

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Thanx. I will. I’ve read a lot of post but couldn’t find bandwith (wondering in it can be used in an A/V system)

Brad uses Fedex for worldwide shipping.
The cable is full hdmi so yes can be used in HC system.
I started a thread on using the RAL in a home cinema system.
I think it may be in the Cables section.

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FEDEX is a nightmare in France.
I’ve read with a lot of interest your thread but it ended up when you told me you hadn’t try eARC. But your thread is a top one. :+1:

Brad answered me, I will order soon.

Finally I received my AQ Firebird 48 HDMI last week. I put it between PST and DS. The sound was ok at the beginning but now it sounded a lot better than my previous AQ Coffee. The new line of AQ 48 is impressive.

How much cost 1m of AQ Firebird HDMI and how much costed 1m of AQ coffee ? May be it isn’t the new line which is impressive (some think it is) but at twice the price, I would also expected my new cable to sound a lot better.

True, but it is not always the case that a expensive cable sounds better than a cheaper one. for example, my newest $900 power cord sounds better than my $3000 pc. that I bough last year.

The AQ Firebird costs about double of Coffee, and in this case I think it is well worth it.

True, but are your pc of the same brand ? I think it’s closer to 3 times than to 2 times. But the most important is that you’re enjoying it :wink:

you are right, the PCs are different brands. The AQ is known for SQ improvement over their lines as you step up. I am very happy with the Firebird 48 and I think I am done looking for a great HDMI (well, I said that to myself more than once in the past) :upside_down_face:

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Could you help me ? MyEnglis his very poor and I wonder if SQ stands for Sound Quality (I first thought it ment Standard Quality). Thanx. Cheers

SQ = sound quality


Thanx :wink:

I get this is bumping an old thread but I wanted to see if anyone got around to demoing the Nordost Heimdall 2 HDMI as I have had some success with their analog and power cables. I recently acquired a PST and was looking to maximize the connection between it and the DS DAC. Any thoughts? Any other new ideas in the HDMI arena? I noticed the AQ 48 series is twice the money and know its a PS fav but was hoping to hear more ideas I may have missed.

Audioquest Dragon is still the I2S King IMO.


The AQ Dragon seems to have no limitation in it’s transparency and resolution. It is never the weak link whenever I change a component or cable in the chain. The sound just get’s better and better without the Dragon holding it back. It really is an end game HDMI cable.

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I should’ve mentioned I would like to keep under the $1,000 price point