Reduced volume with xStream Statement Speaker cables

I just got a used pair of PS Audio xStream Statement Speaker cables. I love the sound but I must increase my volume level to equal my other cables. I noticed someone had the same experience with these cables in a post on the Audio Asylum.
Anyone else have this experience?

What could cause this?

Thank you
Tom Titus


Cables have impedance?

They sure do. That is exactly why they sound different.

Ah, so my xStreams may have higher impedance than my other cables. Does that impede sound quality?

It depends.

Think of cables as a form of passive EQ. The results depend on your system and what you’re trying to tune.

Do the cables sound better for you, despite having to turn the volume up a little?


all cables have different impedances. the ones like Monster Cable are more inductive. Ones Like Kimber Kable are more capacitive. As Vee said you have to try them in your system to see which ones give you what you are looking for from your system.

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They sound very good. They are a bit of a high-Maintenance cable given their weight and stiffness.

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