"Reference Failed"

My Powerplant P5 turned out today and it said “Reference Failed”.What does that mean?There was no overload but all the contacts showed red.Now I have turn it on again and It works.

I have a P10 that gave me the same “Reference Failed” message. I’ve powered it off and unplugged it for about 1 minutes then plugged it back in and powered it back up only to get the same “reference failed” message. I tried this 3 times to no avail. Has anyone seen this? Does anyone know what the message "reference failed actually means? I have been unable to find any documentation on any of the P5 or P10 status messages. It seems a bit crazy to provide status messages, but fail to document what they mean.

Indeed that is a good observation. Let me see if I can get that resolved.

Hi Paul,

Thanks for monitoring this in your off time.

I’m not simply getting a curious message. My unit is 100% down. Red indicators on all outlets and zero power output. I’ve had to run power strips to get my system back up as my P10 is currently dis-functional. I fear an RMA is in my future.

Reference failed is no problem but the regenerator see no source on the outlets.

Not being able to see the what is connected to the outlets would seem to imply an internal issue. Exactly what I was hoping wasn’t the case. I’ll find out tomorrow with I can call PS Audio support.

Thanks for the reply.

It may be just a setup problem - you may have to use a voltmeter (with P5/P10 in sine mode) to check the input/output voltages, and thereafter do a setup-routine accordingly. Contact PSA to walk you through the procedure.

Thanks for the advise. I’ve been in contact with the guys at PS Audio and based on that conversation have agreed to RMA to unit.

B4 packing it up…

have you tried it with no outlets connected?

also unplugging it for 1/2 hour?

Hi Gordon. Yes I have tried pulling all the plugs out so that it wouldn’t have to drive anything. I have left it unplugged from it’s power source over night. The next day powering it up with nothing attached to drive it still put all the outlets into “red”. PS-Audio has RMA’d my unit so I believe that feel it need inspection. I’ll update this thread once they RCA the problem.

Thanks for the replay.


Sorry Rob, I was hoping to pull a rabbit out of the hat for you.

Sounds like it needs some Colorado home cooking.

It would be great to know what the issue was for future.