Remedy Reclocker In Front Of Sprout = Amazing Results

Wyred4Sound Reclocker adds optical input to Sprout and reduces Jitter for amazing sound quality.
  • Femto-grade clock
  • Superior jitter reduction​
  • Toslink and Coaxial digital input
  • Toslink, Coaxial, BNC digital output
"The Remedy is a genuine game changer."

- John Darko, Digital Audio Review

I agree with the above statement, a way bigger impact than upgrading cables.

I can know describe the DAC in the Sprout as AMAZING (and I have used a lot of different DACs: PS Audio PerfectWave, Musical Fidelity M1, Metrum Mini NOS Octave, Eastern Electric, Cary, Cambridge)

Try Toslink out of your MACBOOK to the Reclocker.

Has anyone else used a Recloker with the Sprout?