Remote stopped working

I instated Snowmass and then my remote stopped working. Any tips to get my remote working again please.

It may be a coincidence unrelated to Snowmass. Have you checked the batteries? Do you have other equipment which uses/responds to this same remote and it works on those units?

If the remote itself is OK, try reverting back to Redcloud or another earlier firmware, check the remote’s operation and, if it works, try upgrading again.

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Silly reply but have you checked the batteries?
Seated properly, put in new ones.

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I did check the batteries with a volt meter and they are fine. But then I decided to change them to just cover all my bases and its working again. That’s super werid. Also thank you so much guys for the quick repies. :smiley: I’ve just had my Directstream DAC for about 2 months and I’m loving it. I just upgraded from Huron to Snowmass and Wow what a change for the better.

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Excellent news! A nice easy fix.

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Isn’t the remote backlit? surely if the back lighting is working would have confirmed the batteries were OK.


You are just too clever… I was waiting for your response… could not let it go could you… :slight_smile:

Yes indeed. It was very strange.

There is probably a microprocessor in the IR remote, perhaps removing the otherwise good batteries re-jigged its micro-processing brain. I’ve seen the DMP stop responding to IR commands when its micro-processing brain stopped processing.

This is strange. The same thing just happened to me!

I replaced the batteries but it still doesn’t respond.

I rebooted the DS twice - same thing.

I have had Snowmass for a while so it cannot be that.

Is there a “lock” setting that I accidentally hit?

I didn’t drop the remote or anything.

It is possible, though not very probable, that the remote is malfunctioning. The circuitry inside is pretty basic and they rarely fail.

I have seen the following things happen to folks:

  • Batteries placed incorrectly inside

  • Using the wrong buttons (there are all sorts of repeated functions on that remote)

  • Not pointing it directly at DS or there’s something blocking the eye

You’re probably not suffering from any of those. Just suggestions to try. We can always shoot you another remote on Monday if nothing else pans out.

Thanks for the offer Paul.

The 3 points you listed I didn’t commit :sweat_smile:

I will try reinstalling Snowmass - do you think that will help?

Failing that, I will get back in touch with you and take you up on your offer.


Perhaps you should consider buying the audiophile batteries I’m selling. Cryo treated, auditioned for proper direction, and comes will gold paste to increase conduction. We audition and discard 90 percent of the batteries, and install damping, shielding, and a micro chip to tune it to a proprietary frequency which effects the acoustic envelope of the listener holding the remote.

The best part is they are only $99 for a set of 4 double or triple A’s.


What, no serial number or certificate of authenticity?

I met similar problem either. My remote can’t turn off the machine. Also the display screen keep flashing when machine is on. All this happened after I installed the new snowmass 2.01.

I think he needs to charge more for the double A as obviously, like a bigger amp there was much more involved in making it output more current. Maybe like 125

Can I request platinum shielded reversed polarity options? Asking for a friend.