RIP: Tim De P

Local denizen and Copper contributor Dan Schwartz owns/owned one of Tim’s modded Studer rigs. Mr. De P made some nice gear.


I saw this in last weeks news feeds. Here’s a link to the RMAF from a few years ago :

Quite the Character. Brilliant Audio Engineer who designed and modified some legendary products.

Thanks. Skipped through lots of the biographic stuff, but was interesting to hear close to the end (49:30) Arnold Nudell saying that the programme material is the most important thing and modern digital files are beat CD, vinyl , even his library of master tapes.

He also makes the point that loudspeaker technology evolves very slowly, with which I certainly agree. They take a long time to get good and longer to get better.

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My lovely little EAR phono.

A while back I regret not buying a V12 due to it not having a remote volume control.

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Never saw the new one yet…does it have a closed housing (or just horizontal ventilation) while using tubes?

Closed housing. Gets a little warm if you leave it on for a long time.

I met Tim briefly at a WCES in the early '80s sold (as Two Jeffreys Audio) his EAR products for a while… Have owned three-different pairs of MB3045 amps… He was indeed a character. … :slightly_smiling_face:

Wow…I would certainly exchange/modify the cover, otherwise you should have very low parts lifespan. I can’t imagine how someone would design a closed housing with 3 tubes. If no review magazine responded to this I’d be even more disappointed by them.

HiFiNews thought it was fabulous:

In 1994, I described the 834P’s performance as: ‘In a word: wonderful’. Fast forward to 2019, and ditto the PhonoBox, which, like the 834P, ‘swings so fluidly and has such wide dynamics’ – but unlike its still-cherished forebear, it’s quieter, more refined and thus an even bigger bargain. Look elsewhere if you’re a variable-loading obsessive, but I doubt you’ll find anything more downright musical.

There’s plenty of space for heat dissipation.

As I’m not a variable-loading obsessive and it was reviewed with my main cartridge, it was a no-brainer, plus it cost me £1,000 new compared to the Stellar Phono at £2,500.

Sure, I don’t doubt it’s improved soundwise, I just meant a closed cabinet for 3 tubes is anything but durable in the forecast. Seems as building an amp without heatsinks.

I left it on for a day by accident and it was still only warm, not hot.

Imagine running it on a hot summer day…it’s really unbelievable for me, I would definitely ASAP build an own venting cover just as the previous one was.

It was fine in the summer. And it was hot, which doesn’t happen a lot here.

Temperature is non-issue for these pieces of kit.

Mr. Paravicini knew what he was doing.

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Ok, I thought at least all caps and maybe also tubes suffer from more heat than necessary. It’s just avoidable so simply.

The tubes are run very conservatively in their most linear region. These pieces do not get hot.

I am certain drilling holes in the cover or leaving it uncovered would cause no harm if this appealed to an owner, other than letting the innards get dusty.

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Kinda like the Carver 275. My BAT preamp has 8 6H30’s and is fully covered (vented of course). The lid is always lukewarm. I’ll attached a thermocouple to one of the tubes just for curiosity one day(I’m replacing them soon anyway).

Audio equipment is put in cases to protect it from damage and dust. Most have a sticker that says “if broken, screw your warranty”.

I’ll do a deal - I’ll drill a hole in the top of my Phonobox if you drill a hole in the. top of your PS Audio DSD DAC.

p.s. It’s lucky TdeP’s dead as if you suggested to him it needed holes he’d probably put one in your face. I hope he doesn’t mind me saying that. Apparently he was a master of electronics, but not tact or diplomacy. How the Japanese put up with him, I don’t know.

Please re-read my post, with feeling.

I did not, and do not, advocate drilling holes in any piece of equipment.