Albert von Schweikert

Just read the sad news that Albert von Schweikert has died. Never owned one of his loudspeakers, but a great admirer nonetheless. Legend, pioneer, giant in the industry. RIP.


I can’t believe it. First Jim Thiel, then Dave Wilson, now Von Schweikert? We’re losing some of the best speaker designers in the world.
I remember going to the past California Audio Show in Oakland a couple of years ago and could not forget the awesome performance from his Ultra 11 ($300,000) speakers with the Vac Statement amps. One of the best sound I ever heard. Incredible detail and transparency. RIP.


Thanks for the picture! I also love to remember them from the last shows. Fascinating in many ways even if they don’t have the priority in their characteristic I prefer in those top range setups. Powerhouse vs. illusion. But really great in their style!

I owned a pair of his VR-1 standmounts for a while. Nice speakers. May he RIP.

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Better get used to it, it’s part of life. You’re born, then you die.

Thank you Albert, still enjoying the hell out of my VR35’s.

It was a figure of speech. I thought famous speaker designers were immortal. Oh well. I still remember one demonstration at a show by Albert that surprised me by the amazing sound. one of the best at the show and it wasn’t even his top speaker, it was the VR-6. It was a while back.