Roon 2.0 Released

I have the same setup with a Mac Mini and music is on an external SSD attached to it. I only use the Mac Mini as a music server.

There is an app called Amphetamine that I run to keep my Mac Mini running 24/7.

Reading the Roon forum today Does Roon work without internet? [answered: no] - Roon Software - Roon Labs Community, and Danny’s responses, I do wonder if it’s time for him to go.

I kind of like him. In an era when everyone blows smoke up your behind, he is straightforward. All of his customers may not like his answers, but he does provide clear answers.

ummm… but he is Roon :slight_smile:

One of the love / hate relationships to be opinionated about is the fact…

The story of Roon is some roommates who didn’t like any existing software to manage all the music in the house so they built their own. They implemented the functionality important to the roommates.

In a lot of ways… I think Roon still operates this way. While I know that’s not entirely true… it still sort of comes across that way in Danny’s posts. And, you know what, I kind of love it. It shows he’s still very much “a user”.

I’ll check that out. Thanks.


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My wife asked me what I changed in my system last night she said it is reallly sounding great. My only change was Roon 2.0. I had been feeling it was even more solid 3D images Qobuz or Tidal.

Perhaps it is better software processing?

Don’t get me wrong, I think Danny has gotten us this far, but I do wonder if Roon the company and user base have outgrown Danny’s skills as a communicator or a decider on key portions of functionality.

I personally won’t have many internet issues. We have a 5G WAN2 connection for the Internet. But, reading posts now, I can see why there’s quite a few users who don’t have “bullet-proof” internet. I’m guessing there will be a fix to this issue before the year is out.

I’m a Roon lifer and have been for years. ARC has worked well for me for the two days I’ve had it up and running. I do have a couple of complaints though; the ‘Tags’ that I’ve created aren’t currently available and also I wish that many more albums were downloadable.

I have relatively reliable internet with no caps, but don’t like the idea of an always on connection in Roon 2.0.

So I’m considering going back to Roon 1.8. But then the problem is that you’re frozen in time and won’t get any of the non-mobile related improvements that they make to Roon 2.x.

That’s the real bummer and only thing stopping me.

In other words, Danny has three letters to say to me: “SOL.”

(For two years the wife and I left our professional careers and took a sabbatical living off grid in a 400 sqft cabin in the redwood forests in California. I realized very quickly how many always on things one has.)

I put a feature request in for tags in Arc during the beta cycle. I am not sure where it will be ranked.

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I’m a Roon lifer running a Roon Nucleus as my core and loving it. After 15 years without one, I recently got a cell phone out of necessity (two factor id crap) and am trying to figure out how to use it. I really didn’t need to have ARC dumped into my lap. I have enough puzzles to figure out as it is. My Nucleus is already updated, and I’ll eventually deal with the rest of the set up, but not now.

1500 miles in a car this weekend, so will see how 2.0 works.


The good news is you don’t need to enable ARC if you don’t want to. The bad news is in order to use Roon your internet connection needs to be up and running.

How is this different from before?


Before 2.0 when your internet connection went down, you could still play your local library. Now with 2.0 there’s a very good chance that you won’t be able to play local files.

Yep. Major bummer

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Seems like a misstep to me…


You are in good company. The Roon forum has quite a few people up in arms.

I tested Audirvana tonight streaming to our Signature Rendu SE. Once I figured out how to enable the renderer on the Rendu it worked perfectly. I can see why people like it. It’s not really great for a shared environment, but for a single user it’s quite good. With the short testing I’ve done, I’m not hearing a difference between Audirvana and Roon, but it’s late and I am tired.