"Roon Five"

Nice idea. Here’s mine:

Goats Head Soup is f*cking unbelievable. Original album remixed and an uninterrupted concert from that same album tour year 1973.

  • Inner Secrets - Santana [24/96]
  • Mystery to Me - Fleetwood Mac [24/192]
  • Buffalo Springfield - Retrospective [24/88]
  • Goats Head Soup - Rolling Stones [24/96]
  • Let It Be - The Beatles [24/96]

what is this?

2020 Deluxe Edition

this one?


$15 with a Qobuz Sublime subscription. Not sure you can buy this configuration as a CD. The box set you posted has more in it.

Goats Head Soup is an interesting transitional album for The Rolling Stones. Most people are familiar with the 2 mega hits Angie and Heartbreaker, but the whole album is great. The popular song Silver Train was actually written for Johnny Winter by Richards/Jagger.

Usually Stone’s records sound poorly engineered. They went through most of the catalog and remixed & remastered. The 1970’s mixing process just hurried a lot of detail. These albums now sound terrific. The Stones song “Silver Train” & “Heartbreaker” are on the disc as both remixed and original 70’s mix. The difference is pretty dramatic.

The Stones also include the concert accompanying this album’s release.

Worth getting

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Aras is pretty amazing!


Thanks Scotte great thread!

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Nice set.

Thanks, “V”.

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I rarely add things to my library and not bought many downloads this year. London Grammar slipped in because a chap called Dan, who is in the band, is one of our best friend’s nephew and I thought after all these years I ought to find out what he’s been up to. I was impressed.

Jeff Goldblum; who knew!?

Actually, I did. But I only learned of his musical talents relatively recently. He is quite good and I have given The capital Studios Sessions a listen or two via Roon/Qobuz or Tidal.

Thanks for sharing.

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Nice mix.


‘I Shouldn’t Be Telling You This’ is a very good album also. I mean, how can you not like the The Mildred Snitzer Orchestra!

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With a name like Mildred Snitzer, it just has to be good.

Thanks. I’ll check it out.



Cool thread. I will add a few shots over the weekend. Back to work today. I got my balls busted for playing hooky yesterday. :frowning:


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She used to be but retired a couple of years ago so when I take a day off she knows exactly who is working and who isn’t.
She would really like me to fully retire but unfortunately I have made myself too valuable to my small business. I didnt know what an exit plan was until I needed one but so far havent been able to make it all happen. The day is getting closer however.
This weekend is more vacuum tube break in and maybe another room sweep to see if the tube change shows up on the DSP editor.

Enjoy your weekend too!