Router, the enemy!

Maybe something like this…


When you get a chance read about Expanse.

Enhancing the headphone experience: How we developed dCS Expanse:

Sounds a lot like this description and sony igives it away.
I have listened to Sony 360 music on Tidal in my stereo was not a fan. It is good on headphones but is compromised with their blootooth headphones. I bet wired are a lot better.

Perhaps. But what I am hearing sounds more like listening to stereo speakers.

I am certain that Bluetooth headphones and a tidal stream are a direct comparison to a $19K DAC with a Class A amp and $2K headphones. Trickle down technology… who would have thought?

Someone who hasn’t heard BACCH could say the same thing.

Yeah the blue tooth cannot compare to a high fidelity choice. It will be interesting how bacch4mac sounds to people when it’s licensed products are fielded in budget categories. I recall the spatial expanders early cross talk elimination were licensed to portable blaster boxes in early 1980s. It was much better in high end systems and a let down in low cost alternatives.

I feel most of these tools are still going to be niche market segmented. The low end consumer demand is for noise not fidelity.

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My portable streaming device has the same DAC chips as my Gryphon Ethos, it’s very impressive. And I use $150 Anker headphones using LDAC and it is quite, quite compelling. Gosh.

I have way better headphones but dang, these things never leave me wanting anything else.

The advances in audio technology are so fun!!


Tried the 12V version + Statement cable with Melco S100 switch: great result
Tried the 19V version + Statement cable with Roon Nucleus+: average. HDPlex 300 is far better here.


Out of interest, why not just run a good audiophile switch into your listening room?

Uptone Audio have a new EtherRegen2 coming.

Why add another noisy router specifically?

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Thanks for asking.

The only switch is the Innuos PhoenixNET, more for SQ than ports available.

Another router because:

  • this router sports a fiber input SFP module, unlike the existing one
  • it manages a dedicated internet network, exclusively intended for audio
  • that fiber line comes directly from the external of the house into this router (in the basement)

The new router will be powered being plugged to a dedicated line, with a Furutech strip and wall outlet.


I am sure I wrote something similar once or twice here somewhere. We are living in a “Golden Age” for Hi-Fi and music lovers.

So much music and too little time…


No probs - btw EtherRegen has optical input too - so it completely isolates all noise upstream

And generates ultra low noise output.

The new V2 is coming soon.

I don’t understand why having a separate internet network through different router , would help though?

I would imagine the etherregen generates significantly less electrical noise than your router, even with the 1 shared internet network

Generic router is not made for low noise audio - even if you add a linear PSU to it, inside the router is generating a tonne of noise

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Thanks. My actual network:

  • has the main router 3 floors upstairs with dozens of meters of ethernet wires (and switches) running inside the wall together with a mess of other wires, same conduits with main power alarms security video circuit laundry ovens fridges kitchen TV antennas and decoders, until the music room in the basement, on the opposite side of the house. I’m afraid a few ethernet-fiber-ethernet boxes (and their LPSs and cables) are not a definite solution compared to a dedicated fiber internet new line, with just one router fiber connected and powered by a dedicated line on its own. Cleaner, simpler, easier solution IMO.
  • has ethernet wires into the wall very very old (CAT 4 and 5) which is a headache replacing (moving furnitures and wardrobes with tons of dresses around the house) and survived (probably a little damaged) to years of refurbishment at different floors (Have you ever seen an Italian bricklayer what he can do with a small jackhammer?)
  • is sharing internet with other family members constantly using the web for videos, TVs, Zoom meetings, video surveillance and a lot of other smart home things. While my streamer could be wired connected, my controller (iPad) must navigate through a low wifi in the basement. I prefer a stable dedicated internet line, and a listening room like a wifi free zone, during listening sessions.

Tomorrow I’m going to start the works anyhow and hope to never look back. Time will tell.



Hopefully now that I’ve got the plans back from the draftsman and sent them to the builder I will be starting on a new ground floor Audio Room off of the back of the house with a sub panel for all it’s electrical except the Mini Split HVAC unit. This house has no wired internet at all except the coax cable into the house from the Cable company to the router. The rest of the house runs off of a WiFi 6 Mesh system. For the new room I will just add another Mesh node and avoid wire altogether. So different plans work best for different existing house setups. Also other than the new Red all of my streamers run on WiFi. If I decide to try the new Innuos Pulsar at some point I can just use another Mesh node or extender.


I agree, different strategies for different rooms, environments, buildings, infrastructures, systems and guys! Just one common goal. That’s the beauty of music! Good luck, share your step by step project I’m very curious to follow it.

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Will do. Other than the framing and insulation scheme a pretty simple purpose built room. Just need it to be done and over so I can consolidate from two houses to one.

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