RSD 2023 releases

I’ve got mine…. you?:wink:

Not all of them are really necessary to have on vinyl, but several.

Here’s my Record Store Day haul:


The Mingus seems strange as there should be nothing previously unreleased yet they claim there is.

CD is way good enough for me for these titles and I’ve pre-ordered the jazz ones available on cd to be released in two weeks or so.

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Those claims were mostly wrong. Nearly everything was released by Mosaic or others. Also when they wrote „first time on vinyl“ in the past, this was usually wrong.

There are not many in public anymore who have real know how about music releases generally and vinyl releases in particular. People like the Tone Poet/Music Matters staff, Cuscuna, Fremer, and similar seem to be the last ones and they are old. The new YouTube „experts“ (except Esposito I’d say) are still in an early learning phase themselves.

Yes, for most of the releases it should be enough, the Gil Evans will be AAA and good recording quality, there the vinyl makes sense and after first listen we know which others of the Grundman remastered will be.

I’m cynical enough to believe that someone on the production staff or label knows that these are untruths and also knows the “hype” works.

It was record store day?

Not TECHNICALLY a RSD release, I found out just prior to it that my favorite Christmas album had FINALLY been released on LP. A necessary entrance into the season of waiting.

As for RSD, if I can find that Norah Jones release I may grab it along with the U2 (my original copy has taken a beating) and that Ultravox record. (Am I a child of the 80s? Why yes, yes I am.)



I picked up a few things for RSD.

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I bought the RSD Wes Montgomery/ Wynton Kelley triple album of previously —and for good reason–unreleased material from The Half Note. Woof.