Whatcha Doin' This Summer - RSD 2021 Drops

With summer closing in and Record Store Day 2021 Drops now announced many may have gleamed the goody list. For those interested post items under serious consideration. For those whose interest is elsewhere let the rest of us enjoy sharing and discussing. After all regarding our affliction It is All About the Music:


I’ll kick this off with one I am most curious, Charlie Parker Bird in L.A. a 4 LP set on the Verve label. Considering Parker has been issued multiple times on multiple formats with varying sound quality I wonder what this release brings to the table. It appears to be unreleased recordings:

Bird in L.A.

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Planning to journey Amoeba Records in Hollywood. Just to thumb through the stacks with my wife and be in the space.

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Enjoy it, last time I was in an Amoeba was in the Haight. Sure would like to return, :wink:

Thought I’d ressurect this thread, for those who may be interested in what is available for thr 2021 RSD Drops:

Here is yet another on my wish list, as there have been no reissues since a French 1997 on Kalakuta Records:

Looking forward to this RSD release as it has a tie in with the Sun Ra Arkestra Egypt tour:

Thanks for the reminder - I need to look at these closer and plan accordingly; I’ve marked the dates, but now need to prioritize what I’d like to pickup.


Barney Willen has been pushed to the July 17th RSD Drop, :frowning_face:


Hargrove/Miller have also pushed to July 17th RSD Drop. :frowning_face:

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Salah Ragab still holding for RSD Drop June 12th. :blush:

Harold Land’s June 12th arrival is highly anticipated with no foreseen delays. :blush:

An Open & Close case for Fela’s arrival June12th, RSD Drop. :blush:

Quiet Kenny would be nice to have. And for fun the Repo Man soundtrack cover album.

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The first track from the Harold Land is on Qobuz - some nice hard bop.

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Did anyone have success this morning? I confess I didn’t make it out. Sitting here wondering if it’s worth venturing out to see what is left. See there’s 10 copies of Quiet Kenny on Discogs for $85-350 :roll_eyes:

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Crazy yes…limited to 500.

I recommend to get the Steely Dan albums and the Ndegeocellu early.

…oh, just saw only the latter is available still at the official site

In the past my local indie store opened at 8 for RSD, so I stopped by at 7. Today they open at 10, but they were handing out numbers. I got #19 and went home to have breakfast with the wife and went back at 10 and there were about 100 people in line. Grabbed my place in line and was able to score these:

Steely Dan - Both
The Who
Tears for Fears
The Zombies
Tom Petty
Robert Plant

Really wanted Quiet Kenny, but they did not have it.

It’s so crazy…got a last one for normal price after long search at an Italian site with Italian language only…

Vinyl interest is so big now that even releases with 10.000 pressings (this was 500) sell out within hours.

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Sweet, nice score.

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For the June 12th RSD Record Drop this is waht I was able to get:
Harold Land Westward Bound
Salah Ragab Prism Music Unit Egypt Strut
Fela Kuti Fela Open & Close
Non Record Store Day LP:
Joshua Abrams Chad Taylor Mind Maintenance
Then still hoping for those that were deferred to July
Roy Hargrove In Harmony
Barney Wilen La Note Bleue

For those wishing a copy of Quiet Kenny:

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