Separate upgrade for Bridge ll for DS Jr?

Is there 2 separate upgrades to perform for the DirectStream Jr? I am going to do the upgrade but am confused if the bridge ll upgrade is included with the Redcloud upgrade or if there is a separate download for the bridge.

There are two. The one for the Bridge should download on it’s own if you are connected to the internet. Red Cloud you download and install manually using a completely formated SD card not just a quick format.

In Junior Land, we use a USB stick for upgrades : )

I was able to uprade my DAC Jr to Redcloud. I have my DAC Jr connected to the router via a Ethernet cable, but not sure if bridge has been updated or how to connect Spotify from the app on my iPhone. I tried to find the DAC as a device but it can’t find it. Has anyone successfully done this?

I posted a How To for this here:

Make sure the Bridge has been updated. Spotify will look for the Bridge, not the DAC.

Thanks for all your help. I was able to upgrade the bridge and spotify is working! I am so happy with my DAC!!!