Shipping timelines?

Yes, I believe so. Scott has gone thropugh close to all 100 he promised already and they should ship out this week.


Please forgive my request for more rigor in response here if it is more than can be shared at the moment.

The Kickstarter backers actually number 838 and can be divided as follows:

100 Units – To be tested and signed by Scott – Originally September Delivery

400 Units – Originally September Delivery roughly 50/50 domestic/international

338 Units – Originally October Delivery roughly 50/50 domestic/international

According to Scott’s last Kickstarter update the first ~1000 units have been manufactured and are on the water due to be passed through your Boulder facility for last minute EC / QC. Assuming a reasonable reject rate, one could comfortably presume that all of the Kickstarter’s pledges will be fulfilled by this manufacturing run. The run was slated to arrive in two lots in Boulder. One in early November and one in late November.


Assuming the first “November” shipment has arrived and represents 50% of the manufacturing run (~500 units):

  1. When will 100% of this first shipment be in the mail (rough estimate OK) to the "September Delivery" pledges?
  2. When will 100% of the second shipment (assuming it arrives when expected) be in the mail to the remainder of the Kickstarter pledges?
  3. (For extra credit :) Is the statement on your PS Audio product page promising "Orders placed now delivered December 1" for retail purchasers still accurate?
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Paul McGowan said Yes, I believe so. Scott has gone thropugh close to all 100 he promised already and they should ship out this week.
That's great news. I'm not in the first 100, but good to know the rest will hopefully go out this week as well.

FYI, I believe I am a member of the century club (first 100 backers).

My Sprout arrived yesterday.


I’m in the $449 US group and still haven’t received my shipping notice. I hope it will come next week. Anybody know where they are in terms of numbers shipped?

Just anxious to get it up and running. Hard to wait, but glad PS Audio is trying to make sure the quality is up to their standards.


This is a useful datapoint. I am part of the $499 US group and up to this point there has been no revision on the commitment to an “empty warehouse” by 12/12/2014 (next friday). If so I believe the ship dates might be slipping. All of the ‘first 500’ (of which you are a part) were initially committed to getting a ship by the end of last week. Even if a few (50-75) bled into this week they should have easily shipped by now. Paul made reference to two women doing QC/EC at a rate of 30/day (each, or 60/day I assume as that works out to Scott’s reference to 15 minutes/unit). At the rate Paul referenced, you should have gotten a ship notification by now.

PS Audio / Scott / Paul. Are we due for an update on the schedule?

I was near the end of the domestic $449 group, and mine shipped yesterday.

New Media, that is good to know as I actually snagged the very last spot of the US $449 group. I am hoping that I will get that email next week.

Should be nearly caught up. The team is going through each Sprout in batches: one day or two is all export, the next is all domestic. We do this to make sure we don’t get things mixed up. What this means is we’re not necessarily building and delivering in the same order we received the original sale. We’re keeping as close as we can to it, but some who ordered earlier may wait a little longer than those who ordered later.

Our production manager Woody Woodward is really quite good at keeping things moving and done right. I trust him to make good decisions. We should have everyone handled from Kickstarter by end of next week.

So much going on with Sprout thought I would join in on the conversation. This is my first post.

Thanks for the shipping update Paul.

I am in the first batch of International orders (ID 339) No finger nails left waiting for that tracking Want to get Sprout up and running so I can provide my impressions.

WOW just got my shipping notice for Sprout like 2 minutes ago. Arrives this wednesday. Awesome news…

Welcome to the forum! I think you’ll really enjoy your Sprout–I am enjoying mine (or, more accurately, my wife’s).

Thanks - I’ve picked up a set of Omega Super 3i speakers and am really curious on the synergy with sprout.

We’ll keep doing our best!