Shunyata Sigma V2

You’ll need to sign up for the Shunyata subscription plan, new cables auto ship. :upside_down_face:

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Shunyata Sigma NRv2 Vs. Shunyata Sigma XCv2.

Which would be the best choice to use from high current power amp direct to wall (Dedicated 20amp line with 2%THD) ?

Wouldn’t the default decision in that application be the NR?
My high current class A amps are plugged into my P20, so I use the XC version which really works well.

Yes… the NR version was my default choice, since I would not be running from the regenerator but would possibly benefit from some degree of noise reduction from the cable, but from what I have read, the NR feature of the Shunyata cable is mostly designed to be beneficial in preventing noise from the component from reentering the AC line (which I’m not that concerned about with the power amp being on its on dedicated circuit by itself). So, if the NR cable does not reduce noise from the AC line coming into the amp, would it be better to concentrate my efforts on the best/fastest current delivery to the amp?

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Ken–You’ve hit the bullseye on one of my gripes with many mfrs. They don’t provide data that might be useful in determining the right product for the application. For example, Shunyata say that the XC specifically maximizes current delivery. What does that really mean? And then they say that the NR is the same cable except it has noise reduction. And that NR “doesn’t limit current”. Ok, now what?
Maybe you can work with your dealer to try both and return one.


Hi @RonP, so I’m shortly going to buy a S/h P20. Can you confirm you think the XC is the way to go over an NR for powering it?

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For powering the P20, I’m using an Alpha v2, XC, 20 amp. It sounds noticeably better than the Sigma V1 NR that was removed and used elsewhere. I’ve switched back and forth a few times and the improvement is unmistakable.
I don’t have any Sigma V2----yet.


Thanks Ron. Sigma is outside my justification budget. I’m toying with a delta at half the price of alpha but I’m sure a delta would be a mistake.

I also have a Delta V2 XC on an amplifier and it’s remarkably good. It’s 10 ga and the conductors are the same as the Alpha and Sigma according to Shunyata.
I can’t compare them on the P20 as my Delta is 15A or I’d try them and let you know.

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Any updates on your Holo Audio May KTE 2-piece Dac ??

It still is in their hands. No word yet on shipping.

Fingers crossed for late March

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Ron just me talking, not a UL guy. Given that, the #10s make that cord good for 20A and beyond. The only real difference is the positive male plug is parallel with the negative on a 15A. The plug below is a 20A plug but is made the same as a 15A with the hot turned 90 deg. All the PSA power cables have 15A plug configurations. I use one on a 20A circuit for my P20 but it uses #10s (actually good for 30A by the NEC).

Isn’t the differentiator the female end?

All the important things are the same. I use one of these.

I used electrical tape to join the ends and hold it up with popsicle sticks tapped together with electrical tape. Sounds jury rigged but it’s actually super stable and works well.

Dale–You use an adap…adap…adap… ? I can’t say it! :grinning:


Funny, I do. I’m sure it sucks the sound out of my system, I’ll a/b it someday soon…

@amsco15 - Was just forced to go to HoDePo (due to the weather/temps) and buy a hank 'o 20A outdoor wire, sockets and some boxes and plates to provide places to plug in heaters to warm up my garage for a video shoot.

20A from breakers to outlets, as I am conservative and was plugging in 15A heaters. They had inlets allowing the 15A plugs. No idea if that is against IBEW 134 rules or what, but hey…I’m in Colorado.:man_shrugging:t2:

  • Have to say that my experience with two different places since I moved here is that the electrical code here is…:man_shrugging:t2:

Two examples: there are rooms where there are walls bare of outlets. And the wiring in my current house has no conduit.

Freaks me out.

No doubt about the code in CO v Chicago but there’s a good middle ground somewhere. The city can be nuts.

You can actually use 15A receps on a 20A circuit per code. No reason not to buy 20A receps though unless you’re buying 1000 of em.

Yeah - lived in places in Chicago…uh, sorta like this - where you open up a box and go, “Oh - nice. Cloth-covered wire from a half-century ago.” :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

And being generous at this point writing “a half-century”. More like 75-100 years in some cases. But of course, they Knew How To Build Stuff Back Then!

Only half kidding about that.

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