Which Shunyata power cord to the power plant: nr or xc?

Forum members with a Shunyata to your power plant: which one are you using, the NR or the XC?
From the Shunyata website, it looks like the XC is the « right » one.
Thank you for sharing your experience, as I am considering a Sigma.

I’m using an Alpha XC to my P20 with excellent results. I tried both the Alpha XC and Sigma XC and heard no difference for that application. (dedicated 20 amp line)

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My dealer suggested the NR, I have no idea for what reason that was the suggestion though.

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Maybe he knows I’m a cheapskate :wink: I can’t find a price for the XC, but I suspect it’s more expensive than the NR, if you have the cash the XC is presumable better as it looks like the cable is more chunky

The XC is less expensive than the NR.
The XC is supposed to be specific for regenerators, conditioners, big amps.

Agreed, I hadn’t appreciated there where Alpha and Delta versions, that confused me.

I have a Delta V2 XC on my preamp. I really like it. I even tried it on my power amp and it sounds good.
It is 10 gauge and all the same materials as the Alpha, so…

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So what is the difference between the Alpha and Delta apart from twice the price

Really just 8 gauge vs 10 gauge. And fancier connector shells. I have no idea what that translates to in practical terms.

Hmmm. I have Sigma on the P20, on recommendation from you, Al, and others and after a shootout with Alpha a year ago. The new ones that much better?


Which Sigma ? NR or XC ?

Sorry. The original Sigma not the current V2.

NR version.

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The thicker gauge will give you lower resistance at higher current, better for amps and P20 I guess, will give you more bass with control, trouble is it’s roughly twice the price.

I understand the concept of heavier gauge, I just don’t know enough to know it’s importance in real, practical terms.

My opinion is that the V2 version sounds different and better. I feel that the bass is same as ever–excellent, but the mids and highs seem clearer, more lively.

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Well I doubt I would buy the thinner one to drive the P20.

Edit: Sorry Ron, I linked to the wrong reply by mistake. I meant the one above.

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Surely the load you’re putting on the P20 figures into the equation. My P20 is just cruising, not having to work hard at all.

I was thinking if you feed your poweramp through the P20 as well.

Yes, the 2 Plinius SA 103 class A mono blocks are plugged in the P20.