Silversmith Audio Fidelium Cables

I replaced AQ Robin Hood bi-wired with two pairs of these. I really like them. They sound warmer than AQ RH if that means anything.

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Ironically I have not read through the thread either…but I have a pair of these cables (10ft) I think. They are a good value but I am not currently using them in my main systems. However they performed almost as well as cables that cost 4x as much. (MG Audio Planus 4s). The owner of Fidelium is an ex military guy that is a straight shooter and offers a return policy. I talked to him and he is a good dude. I think they have their place in many systems.


I’ve got a pair of Fidelium cables on trial at the moment. Even as a demo pair, they needed a little settling in for an hour or two, then it was time to be seriously impressed!! Several layers peeled back with many micro- details, holographic imaging and top to bottom frequencies in focus and solid. They are superb. These cables are allowing my gear to shine.


I am also a big fan of Silversmith Fidelium cables. He has unique approach to bi-wire - very cost effective and for me big improvement over another pair of cables, much loved by this forum - and less $$s. BHK300s to FR30s - very happy with these cables, and Jeff was always very generous with his time and options offered.


I’ve placed an order for the Fidelium cables. I simply cannot go back to the old cables. They are just extraordinary!!