Simplest & best power supply

Power quality efficiency and quality depends greatly on minimizing impedance (having minimal path + least resistive components and best conductor) and headroom.
What’s a theoretical diagram for the simplest and most efficient general purpose power supply for a given required power draw?

Sorry, the question might be a bit blunt, but as said, I’m looking for a theoretically correct answer.

i’m gonna go with multiple lead acid batteries in parallel :wink:
anything doing dc power from mains will have a variety of (small) compromises to trade off dependent on the use case :slight_smile:


It’s a question based on a premise about impedance that may or may not be valid. The question is a bit like asking what’s the best fuel to put in a car. It depends on the design of the car, might be diesel, nitro or electricity. Same with electronics.

The power supply that Tony Stark puts in his chest is the best though probably not the simplest

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Yep and Crown batteries have a wonderful line of
agm batteries waiting just for you !! :grin: :grin: :innocent:

Well, let’s say I want to build general purpose linear power supplies that I would use as after-market upgrades to my components.
They would always employ at the very least: oversized toroids and more microfarads than necessary, point-to-point silver wiring with attention to gauge, etc. I know there are general-purpose “audiophile-grade” linear power supplies available, I just want to make my own because I frankly just want to do something.