Snowmass 3.06?

I was checking the Firmware Archive for the heckuva it to see if the two versions of Windom had been moved (not yet) and it seems that Snowmass 3.06 has been dropped. Just wanted to point that out.

I noticed that also. I wonder why??

Most likely something got stepped on as they prepared that page for Windom’s entry. I just thought it was worth mentioning especially since 3.06 was my favorite version of Snowmass. I imagine that will be corrected when they update the page.

That was my favorite version also…

Oh man, wait, I saved my copy to many hard drives.
If you need a copy, I’ll trade it for um, streamers. Digital streamers.
Yeah, that’s the ticket!


LOL! I appreciate the offer but I have it saved, too. Was just pointing it out to the powers that be so that when they update the Firmware Archive page to include Windom they also include Snowmass 3.06.

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Proof and everything!
Notice what isn’t there yet?

Don’t believe you, I bet you knocked that up in Photoshop! :wink:

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edit me

Feeling a little feisty this morning, eh Al?


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I was away from home for two nights. I missed my stereo.
It was nice to be home tonight. No sleep for me. (until five minutes from now)

I know the feeling.

I think this is may be the best definition of an “audiophile”, no?

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I guess you mean Sunlight? Any reason you never downloaded Snowmass 3.0.4? It’s listed on the Archive page as V2.

A really good question Joe, I will have to grab it!

Got it now. And Sunlight for the Sr and the Jr. Fun.