Snowmass DirectStream Junior is now live

At least you are in the US. If my memory serves me you live in Michigan… I would have to travel some 4.5K miles - over a big pond for the most part. 7 miles isn’t far if one’s able to travel. With my early morning constitutional I walk 10 miles most days.

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Correct. We were out that way on a road trip last summer and actually went thru Boulder but I did not own any of their equipment yet or even have knowledge of the company. They are a very interesting and engaging company. Selling anything to the general public is not a profession I would want anything to do with but they manage it very well IMHO. So far I really like what I have and will probably add a few more bits from them before too long.

Yikes. Sorry, Todd I missed this one entirely. My bad. And I will rattle service’s cage because normally they are very responsive.

Don’t worry about your warranty period. If there;'s something basically wrong with the unit we’ll make it right.

I am trying to figure out what the problem is. nAsk Elk suggests, this is a long thread and a little scattered. I see you are having the problem of the slow ramp up when you switch formats (like from CD to SACD?). That’s unfortunately in the firmware and if memory serves it started with Red Cloud. You can go back a version and fix that (but then it won’t sound as good). Ted’s going to address that in our next release.

As to the remote control? Can you help me understand what’s wrong? Maybe emailing me directly is indeed the best way.

Thanks, Elk. And yes, I do get behind in my readings on the forums. It can get quite hectic around the halls of PS but few things distress me more (as Elk will attest) as customer communication failing. If for some reason you email us and don’t get a response
you can always reach out to me. I am on email for some period of time 7-days a week because I basically don’t have a life.:slight_smile: (Well,
I do but I enjoy staying in touch with everyone). We pride ourselves in being responsive to whatever our extended family needs so please do not hesitate to speak up.

And my continuing thanks to Mr. Elk for his tireless work on our forums. For those that don’t know Elk volunteers his time for the good of our little community and we are forever in his debt.


I have trouble keeping up with all the posts and I’m retired, I can’t imagine how you do it while running a company! I will say this a very active forum which certainly is a good thing!

Indeed, it’s a wonderful thing and yes, it is really hard to keep up at times though I do enjoy reading them. The trick for me is separating the wheat from the chaff: in other words, when there’s a thread filled with chatter that hasn’t much in the way of substance
other than just friendly conversation I skip those and get to the ones with the meat (odd for a vegetarian so maybe
heart would be better).

“Heart” would also qualify as meat. :smiley: You’re a victim of your own success, Paul. The volume of posts on the forum has increased dramatically in the last few years . Says a lot about your products and your company.

The forum has gotten much busier lately, which is great. Lots of things going on.


I’m late to the game here - finally installing Snowmass last evening. WOW, this is a major improvement with improvements across the board. The Junior is taken to a new level.

One caveat though…mid-bass and bass are absolutely improved in overall accuracy and tightness, yet I find the balance to be slightly bottom heavy now. I can’t/won’t go back to Redbook as the changes are so dramatically better.

Give me Snowmass light.

USB? I read the manual and it calls for SD card. spent an hour looking for the usb to SD card reader I bought years ago. didn’t find it.

Bridge update- I read the manual- tonight is first time I plugged in ethernet and Bridge update worked. sort of. Now running Redcloud 3.6.17. Don’t seem to be getting anymore Bridge updates (which after reading this thread, is probably one less frustration)

So, I know you cannot update the manual that shipped with my unit 18 months ago- but you have one online I am reading and no mention of using the USB port to update firmware.

this is one crazy long thread- kudus to PSA owners for finding a relevant thread and hanging with it- instead of being lazy shts and starting new threads! my apologies if I missed an earlier complaint about the stale online manual.

As for my listening experience- I spent more than my budget to get a PS DS Jr to replace my DLiii, fully expecting to use DSJ as my preamp. unfortunately, even with balanced outs to the amp, the constrained sound is not listenable. It turned my speakers into two boxes. yuck. adding any preamp (1990’s NAD, Musical Fidelity SDAC) is an improvement! Now have saved for a year and going to try the Rogue Audio CM3 integrated.

Sorry for all the confusion. Perhaps this will help. The rear USB port on the DSJ is used for firmware updates of the DAC itself (as viewed separately from the Bridge). So, if you want to go to Red Cloud (a DAC update, not a Bridge update), for example, you’d
have to do that (or any other mountaintop update) via the USB. The DSJ does not use SD cards at all.

The Bridge gets its updates (as opposed to the internal DAC) via the Ethernet input as you have discovered.

While the use of a preamp should be better if that preamp is pretty good, I am surprised you find an NAD frees it from the speakers. I would have guessed the DSJ direct would have been better. How are you connecting to your amp? Via XLR or RCA?

  1. thank you for confirming the USB, it was confusion on my part- download page is all about SD card, but manual does say USB and the port is USB. my mistake.

  2. Bridge is connected to Internet. found an update one time (I thought that that is how I got redcloud, apparently had redcloud per-installed)

  3. Walter told me to use XLR. confirmed attenuator is “out” and max vol is 100

Prior to the DSJr, I was using a DLiii and CJ PV12. I found that a MF v-link usb-spdif connected to the coax input of the DLiii superior to directly connecting the laptop to the DLiii via usb.

I wish I could continue using the CJ as pre with the DSJr, but it is “noisy” at low volumes, and the channels are a bit out of balance. Sounds great at moderately loud to very loud. I am trading it for the Rogue Integrated, hoping that the DSJr and it sound better than my other combinations (perreaux e1600 preferred with the CJ but no XLR . I used a rotel1080 to try the XLR) one thing I didn’t try- setting the CJ volume high and using the volume control on the DSJr to attenuate. (I was thinking about PC audio and “bit perfect requires 100”). I have read in forum that DSJr maintains bit perfect. right?

Thank you for your reply. the list of gear combinations you have seen- wow! I can only compare what I have set as benchmark at high end audio stores, and the soundstage of the CJ on my own systems. unfortunately, the DSJr didn’t cut it as a preamp. NOTE: I did not side by side with the DLiii :slight_smile: as the DAC feeding the CJ-perreaux.

you save my live thanks! F… Huron version 。

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