Speaker cables what are you using for your system?

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Cardas clear bi-wire between a Mastersound Evolution 845 and Verity Audio Sarastros.

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MIT in main system. Audioquest Rocket 33 in secondary system. Signal Magicpower in 3rd system.

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I’ve taken the path less traveled. First I had Takefive Audio Mogami 3104, cryo made with about 48 hours of burn in at the shop ($160). Sounded way better than the “high end” radio shack brand :slight_smile:

Then, I upgraded to Maze Audio Ref4 Braided Speaker Cables. These satisfy my vanity a bit as they look exotic. The sound is pleasing to my ears and price was not too rough on my wallet (~$230).

I have also really enjoyed the Maze Audio ref4 braided power cables. If I ever upgrade my Tannoy Revolution XT 8F Loudspeakers, then perhaps upgraded speaker wires would be in order. I do not feel like I am missing out on SQ at the moment, but you know how that goes, don’t look if you are not ready to buy.


Make me an offer if you’re interested.

I would love to, if I could use them. Unfortunately the one place I would possibly be able to use them is cat accessible and the young one would love the feel of the mesh sheath in her claws.

I was just pointing it out that they were still available and are at a very reasonable price.

If anything changes and they are still available I will let you know, they look amazing and to be in amazing shape.

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I have two cats, but they’re not allowed in my listening room unless I’m there. Amazing enough, neither one of them has shown any interest in my cables or speakers, which are completely wrapped in grill cloth, and look like great scratches posts.

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The older one is the best cat ever, zero interest in destroying anything. The younger seems to just love clawing at everything. Leather furniture was her fascination for a while, now its almost anything else too.

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Not that much, actually. Both were very, very good, with the differences being mainly in the presentation of the soundstage and not in tonal balance.

In my system, the TPC’s presented more focused and “precise” images that extended from the front plane of the speakers backwards and a slightly wider L to R soundstage.

The SPTPC’s gave up some of the focus of each voice within the soundstage, and thus narrowed the L to R perception of soundstage slightly, but pushed the soundstage slightly in front of the plane of the speakers and so created more of an illusion that the voices/performers were right “in the room.” While less precise, the images were more holographic, though. Soundstage depth was the same for me with both types.

Personally I opted for the SPTPC, but the outcome is very much system-dependent and, of course, depends on individual taste.

Blue Jeans Cable will send you both (or all three) types for a no-cost in-home audition. They keep a CC number on file and don’t charge you until you make your decision. you can return the whole lot within 30 day if you don’t care for them. But that’s a low probability outcome, IMHO.


my first pair of Pavanes had the grill cloth destroyed by one enthusiastic cat, as did my father’s beautifully made “radiogram” (fergusson, furniture grade woodwork)…

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OFE sounds a lot different than TPC like everyone says :slight_smile:

Ironic I’ve heard people say OFE is warm… TPC to me is trying too hard with my Zu Omen’s…

OFE puts real instruments in the room.

I tried all three Iconoclasts and with my ZU Soul Supremes, OFE was the clear winner. I think the OFE produce the most natural sound.

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@RonP I could absolutely see the OFE being too warm if combined with certain power cords. I tried the Zu Event and Mission AC cords and both were too warm and lifeless compared to BAV. They restricted dynamics and I felt like a ton of midrange information was lost. I’m loving BAV and can’t wait till Iconoclast reaches higher in their AC line :slight_smile:

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I tried an Event and liked it. I’m using it on my small system…
But it was easily bested by Shunyata Sigma NR.
I also have a Kimber Palladium 10 and it’s excellent. Both give far more weight and density across the board as well as crisp, realistic top end.
It never ends…

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Naim NACA 5. Mostly because it’s long enough (amp is off to the side) and when I had a chrome bumpered shoebox sized NAP 140 the NACA cable of a certain length was incorporated into the amp design and so required. Was relatively inexpensive when I bought it and frankly a relief that I didn’t have to fret over yet another cable choice. Art Dudley was a fan of the sound if not it’s lack of flexibility. Can’t believe Naim USA charges so much for it these days.


Since my amp now has Cardas clamping style binding posts it might be good to try some Cardas cables with their 6mm spades.

I’m using DIY Furutech FA-Alpha 36 with Furutech FT-211 between my BHK 250 and Tidal Piano Ceras. While quite happy with the performance/cost of the Alpha 36 cables, I am going to eventually move to the new DSS-4.1 Furutech speaker cable that became available after I built the FT-211 set.

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Nordost 4 Flat

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