Speaker cables what are you using for your system?

SR Atmosphere X Euphoria bi-wire

Welcome @michaelsk87! Thanks for sharing.

Atlas Hyper 2.0.
Notable for its very low inductance.
About $100 for the pair, terminated.

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Transparent Gen5 Ultra’s.

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Raven Audio … Soniquil Audiophile Speaker Cable

So I was going to send the Event back until I decided to experiment straight to wall and without the SP3.

SP3 was major bottleneck and constricting the Strata.

Now I’m keeping the Event and I sold the SP3.

I will be comparing to Event Power Light.

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Switched from Analysis Plus Solo Crystal Oval 8’s to Shunyata Sigma cables this week. I am not certain I can hear a difference. Yeah Analysis Plus cables. I’m sticking with the Sigmas though.
Analysis plus cables are available if you are interested. PM me.

I used Audioquest with the Vandersteen speakers I regret selling. I’ve also used Cardas and Blue Jeans Cable (which are fantastic).

A friend has been pressuring me for 3 years to try Nordost.

Currently, my system is active so my speaker cables are stored in a closet.

My demo pair of Audioquest Thunderbird speaker cables came in and I’m currently on day 2 of listening. The cables are breaking in nicely and I’m definitely impressed by how they sound! They are 4’ Thunderbird Zero’s between my M700 amps and Martin Logan CLX speakers. I’m starting to think they might be better paired with M1200’s or BHK 300’s! None the less the combo with the M700’s is still quite impressive.


I am enjoying a pair of double biwire Audio Art Statement speaker cables between my Pass X250.5 amp and Hales Transcendence 5 speakers. They replace Cardas Golden Reference cables favorably. I’ve replaced all my cables with Audio Art Statement cables including my e2plus Statement power cables and I could not be happier.

Give them a go…I’m using the Red Dawn speaker cables
with my Focal Aria 948s. The Red Dawns replace my Blue Jeans
speaker cables. The Nordost Red Dawn LS are very revealing, quick
with an amazing soundstage…( I got these before I knew of
the Iconoclast line…)

I love the detailed very large soundstage…amazing…they do
require some settling in time though…

Music Direct gives a 60 day trial satisfaction guaranteed…so no
loss if you don’t like you can return…

While I kind of hate commenting on cables because they almost always cause controversy, I’m using Cardas Clear Cygnus between my Parasound JC1 mono blocks, and my MartinLogan ESL 15a speakers. Depending how you feel about industry reviews, they won Loudspeaker Cable of the Year in 2019 from Hi-Fi+ (Issue 178).

I’m also in agreement with owlsalum regarding ‘system synergy by sticking with Brand XYZ end to end’. In his system, and in mine, we are both running Cardas all the way thru (although in mine, I run AQ for my power cables, and Transparent for my digital cables). While I’m not an engineer and can’t ‘prove’ this, I do think it makes sense to stick within whichever manufacturer you ultimately choose…


Thanks for the comment. Audio/video systems are very personal and I respect everyone’s response. I don’t know what brand if any are far superior over the others. I just like to here what works for people and what equipment it is working with. I also agree with product synergy and sticking with a brand all the way thru the chain from the power outlet to the speakers and subs. I have good luck with Audioquest cables and I’m almost 100% there with the exception of a couple Pangea power cables that work well also!


Cardas Clear reflection. Very happy, BHK 250 to Sonus Faber Olympica 3.

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As you go up the Cardas chain, you will get more of the same. Going from Cardas Clear to Clear Beyond speaker cables added a dimension to the sound that I simply didn’t think was possible. Yes, a huge investment in cables, but oh so worth it. My bank account disagrees however. :slight_smile:

My bank account has never played well or with any resolution. :wink:


Resolution s ? If as in resolving to not do or do something…
my oh my…

The only resolve it seems for me to have is…
Gotta have better resolution …resolving to a better solution…

Never seems to end…

But my system sounds happier for it all :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: :innocent:


@1cdfoley Seems like they are polar opposites. Resolution goes up, bank account goes down. :grin:


Polar opposites and how…wow.!!

Week 3 with the AQ Thunderbirds and all I can say is WOW! It’s going to be difficult to remove them from system. Every detail no mater how little or big sounds incredible! I thought at first they don’t sound as good as a $3k speaker cable should sound or do I need a amplifier upgrade? Well it was the speaker cable not quite broken in yet. The amps sound great (tho an upgrade would be nice!) Not sure if the thunderbirds keep getting better but the more music going through them and the longer the music plays the better they sound! The next time I write it will be when I hook my existing cables back up and realize that a $600 pair of 14g cables sound good but the extra girth of the 10g Thunderbird cables add a ton more to the sonic details. :cry:

Yes sound quality up bank account down!