Iso Acoustics Apertas

Question. Has anyone used the Apertas from Iso Acoustics? I’m contemplating adding them between my stands (Target Audio FS-60 filled with lead shot with the speakers on them with BluTack) and my LS50s, primarily because that extra few inches of height seems ideal for me re: tweeter height. However I’m worried about making things too tipsy. Do they make much of a sound improvement? Should I be concerned about the tipsiness of the speakers/stands?

If the rubber rings that appear to be on the top and bottom work like with the Iso Pucks it will create a suction of sorts. If you order from someplace like Crutchfield you should have a trial period.

I have a pair of ISO-L8R200 for my JL subs. Bought one over a year ago when I only had one sub. Just bought the second one a couple months ago when I got both subs set up in this room. Same model number, different style, but the effects are the same.

I was running these subs in this room a couple months before getting and installing these Iso Acoustics stands. Tighter, more detail, better texture, overall cleaner sounding. If you put some weight on the corners of the subs, they do rock around a little, but nothing to be concerned about. And from what I can tell, they hardly move at all at near full tilt.

A great deal of improvement for not a whole lot a cash. Highly recommended.

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Thanks for the recommendation. Next I need to get a nice rack like yours. Right now my turntable sits on a drafting desk with amp and CD player on IKEA cutting boards below it. So many upgrades. So little money.

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@umiami91 - You’re welcome! That rack by the way is the Pangea Vulcan. Only $129 for the Rosenut that I got.

And yes, I know exactly what you mean by “so many upgrades, so little money”. Story of my life.

@Chops like I said on the dream chair thread…if I had the 5 grand to get that Eames lounge and ottoman I really want, I’d probably be stuck with my current chair and a DS Jr and a couple monoblocks. :heart_eyes:

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Yeah, that chair is nice, but the PS Audio gear is nicer.

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I have two sets of the Apertas. One for my office to isolate my active Adam f7 monitors from my desktop, and another set for a pair of LS50’s that I set up at a friends house. They make a big difference. I would have no problem putting the Aperta’s on top of a speaker stand. I also have purchased their GIAI II’s for my Montior Audio Platinum 300 II floorstanding speakers. I wish I would have found out about these products earlier. They have been the best bang for the buck “tweak” for my systems. Highly recommended.

Agreed! I have been on the isolation products merry-go-round for a couple years until I installed IsoAcoustics Orea products under my electronics and Gaia under my loudspeakers. I now have the time/focus/energy to obsess elsewhere… because, ya know… my OCD is relentless.

Thanks for the feedback. I did get a pair but haven’t had any time to A/B them versus having them Blu-Tac-ed direct to the stands. My stands are filled with lead shot in all the tubes up to the brim. I miss the sense of the speakers being basically solidly attached to the stands but I suppose I’ll get used to it.

Minnesota Fats…that was a store near where I grew up where we bought our first home computer, a Commodore 64. That’s a great memory.

I’m using the Aperta stands with the LS 50s on my desk. The difference in sound was immediately apparent. I think these stands are well worth the money.