Spotify Connect lag issue on Network Bridge (PW DAC)

This has happened intermittently for awhile but today is occurring with every song, and of course it’s Saturday so live support isn’t available. Finally, reached my wits end.

Whether casting from my phone (Pixel 7) or wife’s iPad (gen 5), Spotify is playing the first few notes of a song, lagging, and then eventually (about an average of 20 seconds later) playing said song from the beginning. To be clear, a playlist consisting of 10 songs will amount to no less than 200 seconds of collective silence. Not so good when paying a service to provide music, and spending a fair investment on quality HiFi to make it happen.

Current firmware: 3.6.86

Please advise.

Hi there spidrwebb44, welcome to the forum! Hopefully, there’s a way to fix this nuisance and its not a hardware issue. At first glance this may be a network handshake taking too much time to succeed. I’m not familiar with the bridge, so I have to remain general.

Did the both of you start with rebooting your devices and the dac/bridge? Do you have a meshed network, where endpoints may not be connected directly? This may be assessed through the router’s interface. Spotify and bridge updated to their latest software versions? Same issue when connecting to the bridge through e.g. the mconnect app (associated with the bridge’s hardware) and playing a local file?

I hope you can find some pointers that you’ll find helpful. Please keep us updated.

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Below are answers to your specific questions:

  • rebooted entire network individually and collectively
  • not sure how one would reboot a network card
  • mesh network with 1 hub and 3 pucks
  • gigabit fiber, up/down
  • tested speed and slowest was 841mbps
  • each mesh point is hardwired
  • mesh next to PSA component is 8" away
  • spotify version is last available, and re-installed
  • not sure if bridge FW is latest, this forum can tell
  • don’t know anything about Mconnect
  • happens wired direct and on WiFi

Apparently, you’re not there yet. Let’s continue.
I meant to say: restart the router, not so much the network cards; and believe this is what you did.
With my question about the mesh access points, I wanted to investigate to which access points (AP) your devices are connected. It shouldn’t really matter, but in case all devices are connected to different AP’s, there may be conflicts.
Ok, you’ve also tried to play Spotify from your pc. So, this doesn’t seem a wifi only issue…
Mconnect is related to the manufacturer (Converse Digital) of the board that’s performing the actual bridge function. As far a I’ve heard, one can check with this app, if a firmware upgrade is available and one can play locally available songs. Thus accertaining the problem is either general, or only lies with Spotify.
For now, try to look into mconnect, please and perhaps do some Google research on this. Thanks.

Have been out of town, will check further when I return home. Thank you.

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Traded units with a friend. He was aware of the issue and it’s now his responsibility.