Spotify no longer sees my DSJ


For some reason Spotify no longer sees my DSJ when I click on the little Speaker icon in the app via desktop pc or mobile phone. I was added to my girlfriend’s premium account in a family plan.

There is one wrinkle. She recently decoupled her spotify account from Facebook so she could log on normally. While the account was being transferred my account went back to Non-premium. She had to add me back into the premium family plan. From her login we can connect the DSJ to Spotify.

Any idea on what I should try to do to resolve this?



Cut and paste this question to Spotify support.


Hi Brodric,

I did as you asked and this is their response:

Hi Shahram! While we don’t offer official support for your device, we’d suggest trying out the steps found here: …. We also recommend checking with the manufacturer so they can provide settings or confirm the requirements for using Spotify on your device. Hope this helps /MU

I’ve already tried restarting everything, but I guess I will try that again.


That is a totally lazy answer from Spotify Support. They tried the same with me when I had Spotify connectivity issues. I had to push them hard to start getting sensible answers from them.


Definitely a lazy response. I will put some more pressure on them and see where I get.