Sprout and Schiit Magni 3+?

I just purchased a Magni 3+ and I am connecting it to a PS Audio Sprout100. When I plug RCA cables from the Sprout analog out to the Magni in, there is VERY little volume through the headphones (HiFiman Sundara’s). If I use a 3/4" headphone to RCA cable and run from the Sprout headphone jack to the Magni input RCA it sounds quite loud and sounds pretty good. Is this the only way to hook the Magni up to the Sprout. I really figured analog out to Magni would work.


The output on the small Schiit DAC is 2 volts.

Sprout says Output level, maximum 3.0VRMS (+9.5dBV)

I don’t know what “maximum” means. I assume output on the Sprout is fixed? Is it variable? May need to wait for the PS Audio folks to explain it but you should be fine out the back of Sprout at 3 volts.

Are you running the Magni in high gain? Magni is significantly more powerful amp that the headphone jack on Sprout so this should work fine out the back. But the Sundara’s may prefer running in high gain.

Yes, I’m running the Magni on HI setting.