Sprout Bass bloat?

I am a happy owner of the Directstream and thought I would give the Sprout a try for my bedroom setup. Previously I had a Peachtree Nova. Last night i hooked up the Sprout for a listen and boom, I was hit with big mushy bass. My speakers are grant fidelity rbs-1. they are medium to large sized bookshelf speakers. The source was Tidal via the bluetooth connection. Has anyone else had this problem? Does anyone have some ideas to settle the bass down? I did not have this problem with the peachtree over bluetooth with a separate bluetooth receiver. I really like the size and built in bluetooth functionality but I need to tighten the bass up. ideas?

Sprout has a built in bass boost that might be the problem. With most small speakers it works great and helps, perhaps in this case not so much. It’s not defeat-able.

Bummer. I was just looking for a way to defeat the bass boost. I really dig my Sprout, but with the speakers I want to use in my dining room and the bookshelfs I am using on the mantle (Planet 10 Mar-Ken10) there is way too much bass bloat. Its distracting and very non-hifi. I really wish there was a way around this, as this is what I bought the Sprout for. Maybe a passive filter, but I didn’t want to use a sub?

It is possible avoid by using the analog out to power monitors or external amp?


If I run a phono preamp through the analog input will that reduce the effect of the bass boost?

I was thinking of adding the Lounge LCR preamp to hopefully smooth out and define the bass a little more for my vinyl.

My system sounds great otherwise and I love the functionality/look of the Sprout.

I think the boost is in the amplifier section so I suspect the answer is no.