SR Orange & Telos X2 fuses

Size instructions and differences based on transformer bottom location are discussed in this thread. Key is cutting height of sheet based on which hole your transformer uses and trial the sound to your preference. After you find sound you like, remove p20 lid and stick to its bottom exterior for better sound still

We opened the new beeswax can of worms in the Cable Sutra thread thanks to Fred from France who tweaked his P20 and now has a Whisper Elite coming and is already pursuing 3m absorber tuning rings Fred uses Purple fuses too.

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Turns into humor…
Now instead of beeswax; it is “black diamond” embedded in to
beeswax…Perhaps may even be a form of graphene…

This Magic Masterpiece fuse will be an interesting challenger
to Mr Grape…ooops Mr Purple… :grinning:

Will be interesting to read the outcome when yourself and
weymanchen post their findings…Looking forward to reading

Thanks Vmax…
Best wishes

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Well two QSA fuses arrived today. I’m about to replace the stock fuse in my power board with a Blue abs see how it goes. Then I’ll put the Yellow in to replace the X2 and let it run all night long…
Wish me luck!

It’s only first impressions from an hour or so, but the Blue in the Isotek Polaris brought greater clarity. More detached from the speakers, deeper stage, more microdynamic motion. More instrumental texture too. Bass clarinet and bassoon in unison sound more distinct from each other type of thing.

It seems the Yellow in the Innuos Zen has the seductive midrange that the SR Orange has, but the bandwidth of the Telos X2. More quietness than either. Very resolving, and has that extra dose of “seeing the circumference” of instruments and heads in the stage. The thickness of texture and chewy, meaty thing turntables do (the only thing I miss having got out of vinyl) is now back in my system. Brilliant.

Today has been a step forward, having also completed a complete XLR and BNC Telos capping of the full system. I’m very happy.