Question: Diff between fuses for MKII stock vs purple sr

Can any one give me a break down of sound differences in MK II with fuse changes:

  • stock
  • purple
  • m1
  • etc
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Fuse Sound can be dependent on your system. I can get my system to sound decent with SR Master any where whether the regenerator or streaming chain it killed imaging and caused congestion, killed images and made musinm sound out of phase trapped in the speakers. Others swear buy it some flip flop between M-1. . The stock fuse in mk2 I would call warm and fuzzy. The AM ultimate beeswax SHD gives hyper detail and with previous firmware prior to massive highlighted those firmware’s noise issue. The AM M-1 Masterpiece provides open detailed easy listening everywhere images gives me all I want. I now run it wherever I had a fuse. The SR purples were very good but will distort some mid bass frequencies of saxophones causing a flatulence sound. The AM ultimate Premiere gives warm thicker mid bass. Not bad and pleasing.

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I know synergy can be important but wanted to get a sense which direction it tilts the sound to: warm, bright? smooth, detailed?, etc

Well the only fuse I ever returned was the SR master. I will never buy another SR fuse after that over rated hype. For everything a M-1 never dissappoints. The purple might be a good value fuse but M-1 is better.

I think you meant to say you Can’t get your system to sound good with a Master fuse.

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After one year (felt like it) of breaking in on my Master fuses, I am a believer now. :wine_glass:

But if you do not want to spend crazy money, the AM M-1 will be the 2nd best (I tried Purple and it was a no). The only difference is my Master beats the heck out of M-1 in my system (only after one year of use). :laughing:

I forgot to mention, PSA stock fuse is excellent. I had compared Purple to it, and I like stock better. M-1 is better than stock, but not by much. YMMV.