Stages of Audio Nirvana

Wikipedia defines the 5 stages of grief as:
Denial, Anger, Bargaining, Depression, Acceptance.

What are the corollary Audio Nirvana stages? The frustration I’m experiencing has to be one.

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Depends on why your frustrated.

I think the five you listed work well for audio as well. With a special “sixth” stage- bankruptcy…


Hope, patience, frustration, perseverance, audio bliss.

Then complacence, and repeat the above five steps until “perfection” is realized. Ha ha!

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Euphoria, Greed, Doubt, Jealousy, Insanity, Tinnitus, Deafness.


1 I don’t understand what
2 I don’t understand how
3 I don’t understand why
4 I finally understand how much
5 They don’t understand (she doesn’t understand)
the pinnacle
6 I don’t care to understand anything


I am happy to report I finished all stages already, for the third time. But I am afraid I entered a new cycle again.


Thinking more on this I am certain that the last stage is Al Angen.

:rabbit: :rabbit2:

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stage 22: getting a second dog and making both of them sit in opposite corners of the front wall because bass traps

  1. Being a music lover
  2. Getting a female vocalists and audiophile sampler listener
  3. The frustrating and awareness phase that the initial purpose of the setup was to listen to real music
  4. The ruinous phase of trying to buy better gear to surpass 3.
  5. Audio Nirvana or satisfaction phase, often falsely perceived in phase 4. already

Fantastic sense of humor! This overcome the grief.

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This is all good for a great laugh. Thank you! But I can definitely relate to “I don’t understand…” And just when you think you do something else will remind you that you don’t.

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  1. Get something new.
  2. Repeat.
  1. I don’t think speaker cables matter.
  2. I was wrong but interconnects truly don’t matter.
  3. Perhaps interconnects matter but power cables can’t.
  4. Okay wrong again. But fuses i know are all the same.
  5. $1000 on fuses. But I’d never buy that RF absorber snake oil.
  6. What viscosity of snake oil do you think I need?

I’m far too busy listening to test tones, pink noise and recordings of locomotive trains to experience any of the stages.


It suddenly dawned on me that THE absolute last stage is . . ASR.


That is for when your ears no longer work. An you’re truly closed minded because your participation is limited to reading data about audio parameters that can be measured. You would rather argue and objectivity or other viewpoints are not tolerated.

The crotchety curmudgeon stage.

The viscosity of your snake oil depends on the
wear and tear on your toys…
light = 0/20
normal-light = 10/20
normal = 10/30
normal-heavy = 10/40
heavy = 50
Harley = 50-60

Slick 50 may help smooth extreme harshness
Rattle traps need 60/80 gear lube perhaps 90 weight
depending on the amount of rattle in your trap (traps)

For better toy longevity only use synthetic snake oil
approved by ASR…they are jealous with no respect to this.

You can always check with Dr. Erl of Oyle…he seems to be the
go to on the topic…

Have fun y’all


I heard those graphene liquid bottles are absolute necessity for cable contact enhancement. one drop will make a $100 cable sound better than a $1000 cable. They should be applied on the outside of tuning rings so the effect will increase three folds, based on the scientific tests done by SASR in the alternate universe.