Strange Bridge 2 Roon issue

I hope im not the only one with this problem. When playing a 24/96 song if I pause or when the song ends about 3 seconds after I get a burst of 2 static sounds from my speakers.

This only happens when using the bridge and Roon with Directstream Sr. So far it seems to only be 24 96 files but does do it on all 24/96 It started when I loaded the latest bridge firmware.

Im using the latest Roon and no DSP. It does not do it using the bridge with JRiver. So its a Roon bridge issue.

Im going from a windows PC to switch to bridge directstream direct to amp.

Here is a link to a video that you can listen to.

Thank you for any ideas

That happened to me just a few hours ago. With Roon, I play a 24/192 song and hit pause. A few seconds later, i see the bit depth change on the LCD display from 24 to 16 and hear a loud but brief screech. Tried this on 4 or 5 different songs of different bit depths and sampling rates. A screech follows hitting the pause button.

I solved it by power-cycling the DS. I turned it off from the switch at the back, waited 10 seconds, then switched it on again. Once the Bridge icon turned green, I ran Roon on my tablet and repeated the experiment. No more screech during pauses.

I’ve now been listening for several hours and pausing the song from time to time. I think power-cycling the DS solved the problem. :smiley:

Thanks for the reply

I did power cycle the dac and my switch router with no change. Whats strange is its only 24/96 files from my computer. I did play Tidal MQA 24/96 and it did not do it. It also doesnt matter if the 24/96 is in wav or flac

Try enabling the resync delay in Roon - 100ms works well.


I had that set already for the fade in volume with Snowmass. I watched the directstream screen and it shows 24/96 when its playing. when I pause the song it goes to 16/96 and then when the static burst come it goes back to 24.

Hmm, something is changing the bit depth that shouldn’t be, me thinks.

The screen shows the same thing when im on usb input but no static comes. It goes to 16/96. With bridge it also shows that but then goes to 24 when the noise hits. It does if after each song before another song starts.
Still only on the 24/96. any other resolution is fine. Im going to have to go to just usb until something changes

Do you have volume normalization on? Post a screen shot of your Roon signal path - click on the blue or purple dot.

You got me, I’ve not encountered this in my setup but I don’t have the Bridge any longer. You may well have found a Roon/Bridge bug.

Thanks for the help. Thats usually my luck to find a bug. If i figure something out I will post it.

I am having a similar problem, although my issue only comes when an album has finished, not when I pause. I have not checked to see if the bit rate is changing on the display, but I will do so. I have tried re-starting the DAC and that does not seem to help. I have been working with Roon about this and they have been very responsive. No solution yet.

Let me know if Roon finds anything. you can show them my video if that helps. The only way to stop it is going into device setup and advanced and set the max sample rate to 48. not a good solution.

Also, my problem seemed to begin with the Bridge II update and the latest update from Roon.

Same here. Problem started with bridge update and then the roon 1.5 update after didn’t change anything

You were right on. Watched DS display as album ended. As soon as over, switched from 24 to 16, a couple of seconds later, there was the static, then it changed back to 24.

Yes, have mine set to 100ms

Sounds like your issue.

My bridge is now doing this too. What a drag! Will my issues ever cease! Damn!

I just wish they would hurry up with the B3 :grinning: