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Hi, since I have the Bridge 2 firmware 3.6.2 I have lost the Gapless play of my files (I use Jriver 24.0.67 with PC and Synology NAS). The same problem I find with the latest firmware 3.6.17.
I look for the older firmware in this site but I do not find. Could some people help me? Where could I find previous firmware version of the Bridge 2?I use the PWD with the latest firmware.

Thank you!

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You need to roll back to Bridge 2 firmware 3.5.1 I had the same problem.


Thank you @woot. Do you know where I could find the firmware 3.5.1?


@pbphoto Hi, I read taht you have had the exact same problem and that you downgraded bridge to 3.5.1 to fix.Do you could send me the 3.5.1 firmware?


Here’s a link to 3.5.1:

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Just for clarification, the problem I was having with 3.6.17 was when using Roon as a streamer, I would consistently get a loud static pop exactly 5 seconds after pressing stop (when Roon would un-sync and the path light would go off) with 88.2/24 PCM or higher. No pops when playing CD quality. No pops when playing 44/24. When I go from CD quality or 44/24 to anything higher resolution - first pause - no pop, all subsequent pauses I get a pop. And this pop was a very loud scratchy pop that was easily reproducible. Much louder than anything I heard with 3.5.1 switching between formats.


@pbphoto thank you very much! I have to change the extension to the file for use?

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I used the mconnect app from a Windows VM to fallback to the 3.5.1 Bridge II firmware. Here are some links for you:

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@pbphoto Thank you again very much! I used mconnect and fallback to the 3.5.1 Bridge firmware. At the moment all is ok and the gapless plays well!!
@Paul: please make an archiv with the oldest firmware, so if we find problems with the newest we could fallbak. Tks



I am experiencing this same problem of pops and such after album playback using the Bridge II in my DSJ. This was not present during the previous Bridge firmware version. Is something being worked on here, or is going to the previous version the recommended solution? Thanks.


i’m glad pbphoto chimed in ! I knew this was the fix, but I did not have the info to walk you through.


How long does reverting to 3.5.1 take?


Using the m-connect app on my DSjr, it takes less than 5 minutes. You’ll see a faint progress indicator creeping up towards 98% where it will then stay. After a few minutes, the 98% number will become brighter but not move higher. I let it sit for another few minutes (one time, like 30 minutes) but nothing budged. the m-connect app reports that it is now at 3.5.1. I just powered cycled the unit and it booted up fine. I’ve done this about 4 times now.


Hi there, sorry to be a pain but is anyone able to talk me through the instructions to go back to an older firmware version on Bridge 2? I’m using Mconnect but I only have an iPad and and an Apple Mac? I’ve taken a look on the various links in earlier posts but wasn’t able to find the actual instructions.

Many thanks, Mike.


Sadly this needs a PC to do.


Thanks again for your post. Between you and TJ from support, you helped me across the finish line! :grin:


Hello pbphoto,

Sorry to hear that you are having trouble.
Please reach out to us at and we’ll get you a firmware update that will work for your Bridge II.

  • Jeremy


Hi mike-marks,

Sorry you are having trouble.
I can get you an alternate firmware update procedure that you can use to revert the firmware in the Bridge II.
Just reach out to me at

  • Jeremy