Sunday Morning

Favorite London newspaper August headline, “temperature again in the 70’s, no relief in sight.”


Born and brought up in Hamilton, Ontario, I spent the good part of 20 years on & off in Ottawa, Ontario. The closest I got to Buffalo was Tonawanda…Friends of mine would go to see Bills games but I’m into real sports (Ice Hockey…LOL). Spent 5 years in Easton, PA behind the beautiful Pocono’s. Now based out of Scottsdale, AZ. I don’t miss the cold, the snow, the salt rusting my car out, Toques, Mufflers, Snowboots, Parkas, snow tires, and I don’t ski but I love Skating.

I love Colorado…in the Spring, Summer , & Fall :blush:

My Wife & love coming here in Old Town.

But rents have gone through the roof cadri. Now that our Son had finished HIgh School and Army Boot Camp & AIT Training (he’s part time enlisted). A change in location in a cheaper but just as nice neighborhood in the general Phoenix area will be in order next year if I want to upgrade my M700’s for M1200’s…not LOL !

We don’t like Scottsdale; too many rich people snobs. Too many people in general, too much traffic. Very crowded compared to Goodyear. However, good restaurants when you want to battle traffic. We left CA because of overcrowding… my staff tell me of $3500 a month for studio in LA area… We call that area suckerville and fish in a barrel. Sunshine ain’t free…:stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Our honeymoon was in the Poconos… we paid for our wedding our selves (parents broke) and took the (fancy wedding) money and built our first home in CT. We both worked double shifts and tons of OT to pay cash for property… then very small mortgage… those were the days when debt was frowned upon… some valuable life lessons back then…

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sure you do

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So----after years—ugh—years of riding, my cardiologist says: AFib. Get an e-bike or stop riding.
So what did you get?

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He tells you at the pic bottom
Turbo Levo E bike

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Yikes! Look at that chainring!! Looks like a 28!

Looks like at least a 32 and for good reason… look where he lives…

not the cog, the ring

Gotcha - Yeah - looks like it ain’t a 48 for sure. Even the cog lowest is over 32

32T 11/42 11 speed SRAM; running only one front chain ring with 11 tooth cog on back. This would work on your hill climb street…

Dude - this looks very cool!

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Nice but I’m a road bike guy.

OK - me too… did you see the cog width 11 speeds must be narrow cogs and wide a$$ back… however, very cool

OK - here you go
This e-road bike is $10K, as opposed to $5K for the mountain…

Even Campy 12 speed cogs fit on the same hub body. Quite narrow.

Yeah - gotcha… you just don’t get the 22gears w/ single front…
32/42 combo got to get you up and over Everest with min power needed.

Similar drivetrain on the road. Front is 46 not 32

I’m working a compact crank (50/34) w/ 28T big cog for my hill climbing bike. Of course it weighs a little over 12lbs fully dressed wo/ water bottles

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I don’t remember the combo of chainring and cluster but as a life long roadie I sure do enjoy riding this hard tail. The single up front and the hydraulic seat post make it super versatile

It’s been too much trainer time lately but at least it’s spinning. The 50lbs. beast behind it another story all together - holds 39mph on the SCRUTINEERING sections

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I’m running Sram AXS x0 12 speed. Cassette is 10/50. Chainring is 30. I’ve changed every part on the bike. It comes with a less than ideal setup, but frames aren’t sold separately, so I bought the expert to get carbon frame and 700mAh battery.