Synch problem Ambre and Junior format 24/192 with AES and Spdif

Hello everybody

I just received my DAC Direct Stream and connected it to my streamer, the Metrum Ambre, using an Aes cable (Coincident Statement Speaker). Everything works and sounds good for all my music files, except those in 192kHz format. When you try to play such a file, the front panel continuously changes from 96 kHz to 192 kHz, and no signal emanating from analog outputs.
I also tried on the Spdif (Supraload) and I have the same result.
On the other hand if I send the signal 192/24 on the Bridge II, I have no problem … I have the sound of files 24/192.

Here are the infos:
Bridge 3.6.17
Snowmass 0.2.00
Fpga 00.140
Boot 01.13
USB 00.33

oh yes I use Roon.
On the Ambre I installed Picocoreplayer 4.1

with another Dac I do not care I read the format perfectly 24/192
Thank You

Just out of curiosity… Why did you install Picocoreplayer on the Ambre…? Don’t they come as regular Roon bridges out of the box…?

Aha, just checked out the Picocoreplayer website… It looks like you made it a Squeezelite player. Although they are supported by Roon, it is (I think) not ideal. I used to have my own compiled Squeezelite V1.8.6 which was still written in plain old C. That sounded great on LMS and I still use it sometimes on Roon. However, I am pretty sure you have one of the later versions, that have much bigger executable files written and compiled in/with C++. And don’t forget, the Ambre is “only” a Raspberry Pi 3 configured to be a Roon bridge connected to a Metrum DAC through I2S…

So I think the Ambre has reached its limits…
What is “that other DAC”…?


The result PCP 4.1 kernel installed in Amber with Roon in squeezee mode (it is necessary to deactivate LMS in the network Nas, PC etc) is the best result that I obtained. He goes beyond Rootpie without a doubt.
Ambre works with Roon on all outputs, I2s, Aes and Spdif.
Exactly I have a Pavane with the entry i2s, but I also tested the AES and same functions also files 24/192.
PCP 4.1 Kernel is very light. So I do not understand your comment.
The PCP 4.1, Roon in squeeze mode is very good, the sound is fluid and no hardness that I have encountered with Rootpie.

I stand corrected… :face_with_hand_over_mouth:

Welcome, Davidess!

Hello Davidess,

I just acquired a Directstream DAC (Windom) and I have the exact same issue you’ve described when using it with my Metrum Ambre via Roon. I did not change the OS on the Ambre. I am curious, did you end up solving your issue ? If so how ?

Kind regards,


No I did not solve the problem and I sold the DAC Directstream Jr … I wanted to keep the Amber. I replaced it with an Aqua La Voce S2 and I do not regret it.
Good luck

Out of curiosity, were you not happy with the Metrum Pavane?