Synergistic Research Quantum SR20 fuses

I installed these into my Chord Electronics power amp, pre-amp and Red Reference CD player … and my P10.

They replaced HiFi Tuning fuses.

I use Furutech 1363 Rhodium UK mains plugs and initially installed the fuses with the writing correct, (left to right). I wasn’t impressed, lost a good deal of treble making the sound un-interesting and boring.

The following day I changed the fuses so that the writing was back to front and played the system for 4 to 5 hours to assist with burning in the fuses in the other direction.

Wow, best sound I’ve ever had. I’m using the latest P10 multiwave firmware with the multi-wave setting to 6.

What the SR20 fuses bring is just a ‘rightness’ to the sound, treble extremely extended but not fatiguing, vocals small, correct staging, bass tight and deep but not overblown.

The P10 firmware upgrade brought great timing to my system, lyrics easier to follow, notes stopping and starting better, decay longer and more natural.

With the HiFi Tuning fuses the system was just very slightly bright, e.g. Back in the USSR on the re-mastered Beatle double CD was just a bit too aggressive and I usually avoided the track, now it sounded perfect.

The SR20 fuses just made my system sound ‘right’, everything seemed in its place, no part of the audio spectrum was exaggerated, vocals etched into the sound stage.

I got the SR20 fuses on a 30 money back guarantee so felt there was no risk, but as you can gather I will be keeping them.

PS … I think the 30 day guarantee is both a UK & US offer.

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Having replaced my HiFi Tuning Supremes with SR 20 fuses about 5-6 weeks ago I can completely agree with sheridd2. The SR20 fuses must be placed in reverse order with the “22” end on the input side of the circuit, as sheridd2 found out. They do not sound right placed with the writing left to right, it must be right to left. I placed them in all my electronics. It took a while for them to fully settle in. Also, add the WA Quantum fuse chips to them and it takes them to the next level. Not major changes, but definitely noticeable. Everything is supremely (no pun intended) musical and involving, warm, and just more emotionally involving. I concur completely with all of sheridd2’s comments.


Hi Odd … nice to hear you concur with my observations.

What’s the ‘WA Quantum fuse chips’ you mention?

I’ve only had the SR20’s in my music system for a couple of days and my posting was after one day’s use, you’ve had them for a few weeks, what sort of further improvements should I expect?

Have you had the ‘Stereo Times review experience yet’?

“I had completed this review over a week before one evening when I made a major change. It is common to have gradual improvements in virtually everything as it settles in or breaks in, but the Synergistic fuses have been in for several weeks. I was just listening to music while I finished a novel, when I suddenly noticed a very substantial jump in the precision of the soundstage. I put the novel down and listened to many cuts from a broad range of albums and continually heard more realism than I have heard before.”

oddeophile said: I concur completely with all of sheridd2's comments.

High praise as you are a thoughtful, capable listener.

It is helpful that the printing on the fuses is consistent so that one can reliably orient the fuses to the desired preference.

Hi, Elk, thank you.

Indeed, they are consistent. I have 7 of them and all have been consistently marked. :-bd



Yes, you can find the WA Quantum fuse chips along with others for several types of applications at Cable Co. website. Just do a search on the WA Quantum. At present, all of my SR 20 fuses have them on the fuses. I aslo have the Power and Cable chips placed at opposite ends of the AC mains box panel atop and below the top and bottom circuit breakers with each chip type placed opposite to the other (Power chip over top left and under bottom right, and vice versa); I do not use any of the other Quantum chips other than the Power, Cable (as noted) and fuse chips. Note, there are two size fuse chips. Order the type for your fuse if it is long or short fuse. Note - the fuse chips are small, very small so be careful when affixing to the fuse barrel.

Further, I placed 2 Skakti Stabalizer stones facing inward toward the AC Mains panel cover on the outside of the panel with one on the top half, the other on the bottom half and my AC input distortion levels on both P10’s dropped down to 1.0-1.5% at worst now (with all equipment and KURO plasma running) from about 2-3% or more, incoming, prior. I immediately noticed more saturation in the plasma colors even though it runs off of one P10. Shockingly improved dimensionality to the KURO image as well. It literally looks like looking through a glass pane to real images/people and places now when the content is at its best.

The SR 20 will go through a bit of a break in period for about a week or so. You’ll notice subtle changes in the sound until they settle. Mine sounded a tad bright at first but, once settled, warmed up and presented a beautiful sonic presentation, with a gigantic, open, pure sound field that at times will completely envelope you. The Quantum chips seemed, to me, to all but eliminate the last word of possible grain to the sound.

Since then, I did notice the images seemed to solidify further and round a bit more so now everything just blooms, is rock solid placed in the sound field no matter how loud things get and feels alive. I love them.

By far the best fuses I have ever used. The HFT Supremes were excellent but at times I noticed similar issues as others have noted, a bit aggressive, gritty at times. the SR 20’s blew them away.

Now, I have several HFT Supremes gathering dust under our desk in the family room.




Thanks very much for the detailed reply. I’d never heard of the WA Quantum chip. I live in the UK and not sure whether either of the two supplied by the CableCo will fit the UK version. The UK fuse is 25 mm long, 6 mm diameter, fast blow and 13 amps. I’ve emailed CableCo to see what they think. (I can’t seem to find any UK retailer supplying these).

I see they also do mains chips as well which I have also enquired about.

My mains circuit box has lots of fuses for different circuits in the house. I presume I would place one of these mains chips either at the top or bottom of the circuit breaker box where the circuit that supplies my hi fi is?

PS … the voltage over here is 220 volts. I don’t know whether the WA Quantum mains chip is ‘tuned’ to the US voltage?


You did the right thing. C/C can steer you appropriately on use of the WA Quantum chips. I know there are discussions about them over on the Audiogon forum website and if I recall correctly at least one person in the discussions lived outside the U.S. and had similar questions to the forum about what to do with a fuse as you suggested.

The use of the power and cable chips is really something requiring experimenting with. They are easily applied and removed so they can be moved as necessary. Also, take note that the WA Quantum chips are mfrd in Germany by Hi,Fi Tuning folks, if I remember. Given the mfg country involved, I would hope they know how to deal with 220/120 VAC issues/usage.

Stereo Times also had a very good review of them, by the same reviewer that reviewed the SR 20 fuses.

If you do not hear from anyone @ C/C in short order, contact Paul Jenkins at C/C via email at I’ve known Paul (as have several forum members here) for many years now (18, in fact for me). Paul is great to work with.



With further research I’ve located a European dealer selling WA Quantum products, Kemp Electronics, in the Netherlands, I believe. This will have several advantages for me.

1. No import duties / customs clearance.

2. Europe is 220 volts, same as the UK, so I know the products will work here.

3. Quicker postage, as shorter distance and not held up by point 1.

You haven’t tried the speaker pads? I’ve pretty big, heavy speakers and wondered whether a ‘small pad’ attached be lost on a big speaker?

I’ll try the fuse chips and one power chip, (my P10 unit as it supplies everything else) to start with and see if I like them. I’ll keep you informed of my progress.

Thanks for your advice.

… I meant Cable chip, not Power chip.

Switched from from a HFT fuse to SR20 in my P10 and love it, SR20 is there to stay.

As noted elsewhere I have been running these fuses for some time now.

I just ordered up a set of the WA-Quantum doohickies for my fuses.

If they perform anything like what has been reported by others, this will bring a smile to my face, shortly after my jaw has been returned to its rightful place.

This will be interesting…


ps they remind me of ‘dots’…


Be sure to give 'em about a week of constant power to settle in. You are likely to hear slightly brightened sound up front and after a week or so they settle in. From what I read on Audiogon forum posts prior to purchasing mine, the fuse chips are the most noticeable change right away but still do settle in later.


Thanks for the heads up. :thumb

Yeah I figured that there would be some ‘settling time’, just as with all those other changes and tweaks.



Did you upgrade the P10 internal fuse to a Synergistic Research fuse and add a Quantum chip to it?

The UK version of the P10 uses a 3 amp, 20mm slow blow fuse.

The closest I can find on the SR website is a 3.15 amp fuse. Would there be any problem in using this fuse in the UK model?


Yes, I did. Love it. The USA P10 uses a standard value fuse in the 20mm size. I think you’d have to clear a 3.15 amp fuse with PS Audio before installing, however.



Thanks for the speedy reply. Yes, I’ve asked the question through the UK Distributor, who will ask PS Audio, hopefully a speedy answer.

Still waiting on my Quantum chips arriving, hopefully by the weekend.

I was just checking email and your question popped up. Hopefully, you’ll obtain a quick reply. As I previously noted, the fuse chips are very small, the 20mm version extremely so. With my fumble fingers I had trouble affixing it to the very short fuse. However, once I took my time and had done a couple of them it became intuitive to handle, even with my fumble fingers which seem to be unable to grasp even a simple pen appropriately any more, or even type well.

Aging is not a fun proposition, sadly.

Enjoy and have fun. Remember, the chips come with a 30 day return policy (at least here in the USA), so if after a week or so you don’t find them doing what you expected, simply return them to the mfr. Hopefully, in the UK they have the same return policy.

Mine were pretty obvious. As a note, last evening I decided to spin my cop of Patricia Barber’s Nightclub MoFi Hybrid SACD, which I had not listened to in years, and sat simply slack jawed for a good 1/2 hour before I had to pull myself away to get some sleep.

Picture and overweight kid in a candy store with unlimited funds and you’d get the picture how I was responding to what I heard in my system. After my “sugar rush” I was experiencing, I found it difficult to drift off into neverland.

:smiley: :smiley:



Are the Quantum products directional like the SR20 fuses? Did you try experimenting with changing the direction of the chips?

PS Audio has confirmed I can use the SR 3.15 amp fuse, I’ve one already ordered.

This thread is becoming more of a WA Quantum chip thread than Synergistic Research fuse thread. Should we start a new one or continue to keep this one running?