System Photos!

Turntable is on the way :slight_smile:

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Thanks, my friend. The soundstage between the speakers is incredible. Width and depth as if one can walk around that alcove around each player’s position.

Nice. I see the Telecaster, but what’s the guitar next to it? (guitar/mandolin freak here)


brilliant. If we don’t have a guitar thread, we need one.

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Wow, awesome! Thanks for sharing. I’m jealous you’re able to pull the speakers so far from the wall. I bet this system images darn well. No sub though? I have a pair of 600 series B&Ws and they desperately need a sub paired with them. Mine don’t have a port though.

Tks James!
Single lifestyle makes things like having the speakers in the middle of the living room easier :slight_smile:
They sound really good and image great.
Don’t need a sub these speakers have a very good bass for their size.
Eventually I might add a sub however not sure about how my neighbors will appreciate that :slight_smile:
Had a pair of b&w cm8 s2 floorstands and I hear you they had zero bass :frowning:

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Very nice setup. i like the mix of silver and black components.

Thanks. I’m completely happy with the sound. We’ll see how long that lasts!

Haha if I’ve learned anything it’s that the upgrade bug strikes when you least expect it.

Looks like a great system, by the way!

Really like those early Sinatra photos from his first career, the new kid on the block.

Me too. I found that at a yard sale. 10 bucks with the frame.

That’s the only profit you’ll make on your audio system. Possibly the best $10 you’ll have spent.

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OK, let’s get that rolling. Better than looking at black boxes and elephants all day.

Well this just happened…


New Amps! Congrats.

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Congrats on the new amps! How are you liking them so far?

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Magnepan MG2.5/R loudspeaker

and a new Sprout 100 came to my PC room.:smile::kissing_heart:
more love Denmark


Thanks! They sound great, but…

Nothing else in the system has changed but swapping the amps, yet now the subs seem “soft”, as in no punch. Even after messing with phase and such, no difference. I have no idea why swapping in these amps would have an effect on the subs.

With very familiar recordings that I know have tight punchy bass, it’s like going from a firm ride in a sports car and hopping into a mushy luxury car.

As far as what I’m hearing directly from the amps, those are sounding excellent so far.