System Photos!

Michael I was wondering where you were hanging out lately, in the shed it seems performing true artwork!

Those speakers look magnificent! And as it looks like you don’t like half work, I trust they sound good.

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Thorens TD 124 with the PS Audio NuWave Phono pre amp / converter?


You are completely right. I obviously have an Infinity black widow tonearm with spical made gold dims on from Japan lol.
Yeah and you’re right it sounds pretty good lol
More love Michael Denmark


What a great room!

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I have one too… Curious what cartridge you’re running on it!

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That makes it true collectors items, nice analog source.

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It’s an audio technica. It was once only for sale in Japan. I bought some more needles. It is built for the light arms.


Units Dynaudio Labs
in Denmark 6 stk 12" Sealed. 16 - 230 hz 500 watt

I’ve sold them to a friend who uses them for his Infinity beta and some big magnampan. They are fitted with black leather. laugh out loud


sweet looking rig man!

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Cool. I have a TD-126 MKII with an Ortofon MC20, and it sounds ok, but am looking at other options.

One of the best for the Black Widow is probably is the same cart I have on my TD-150 with the SME3009: A Shure V15-III.


Just installed more NOS tubes… Sylvania JAN VT-231.


Very nice set up! Quite different from your old set up. Much more “audiophile” now …

Have you ever tried taking the wheels on the equipment stand off or otherwise defeating them? This might be easier said than done since it looks like eight wheels. I ask since most audiophile stands have spikes or other rigid connection to the floor. I’m going to build my own stand soon and am trying to decide what to put between the vertical posts and the floor; spikes, glides, wheels, or ?. Being able to move the stand for access to the back is very desirable, but audiophile nervosa makes me hesitant to use wheels. Not sure if glides will actually “glide”, I tried regular furniture glides on my 180 lb speakers and they sure didn’t “glide”, but maybe Herbie’s glides would work.

Thanks. Ya, you’ve seen the before in person. Not gonna take the wheels off. I need them to get access. I am in the process of buying Isoacoustics orea’s for everything. Ordered two sets for the pre-amp first. If I hear a positive difference, the DSD next, then the BHKs.

Note, I did have Herbies glides under my big Tyler Acoustic speakers, they worked great!


I’ve got the Gaia’s under my VPI turntable, work great there but don’t even think of sliding it! Probably will try the Orea’s on the other components when I build the new rack. Since I got the P10 I’ve moved everything except the turntable and phono stage between the speakers so everything is powered by the P10. My old SolidSteel rack won’t work with a TV in the same space so a new rack is needed. My temporary setup has shown me access to the rear is real important. Decisions, decisions …

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…and? :slight_smile:

So far, so good.

Yesterday when I installed them, I was awake from 10am the day before. Working nights and all. Then shortly after installing them and posting a few pics, I ended up falling asleep only to wake up a few hours later and leave for work. So needless to say, I never really got to listen to them.

I did an oppsy though and forgot to switch the preamp over to JFet mode before I left for work, so the tubes were left running all night long. I only realized this when I got home from work… At 4:30am, and was greeted by the warm glow of tubes!

So at this point, these tubes have roughly 27 hours on them. I’ve been listening to them a bit today and have to say, I like what I’m hearing. Bass is very much extended with plenty of “zest” and power. Midrange has a wonderful, full yet still natural sound, and treble is smooth and refined with a bit more “sparkle” on the top vs the Raytheon/Baldwin tubes.

Take note of the time on the timer on the bottom shelf.


It’s fantastic to see all these wonderful systems. If I had the time and funds I’d love to organize a tour and come visit some of you .

Being in Manhattan I don’t have the dedicated room or amount of space many of you have, but I do have a decent amount of space to let the system breathe.

You’ll notice several of Andrew Jones’ designs in the house (I have actually had him at my house years ago).

Some older pics from earlier set up

The TTweights turntable is sitting on a Halcyonics type active vibration cancelation platform, and soon the BHK 300’s will be each be placed on the same type of rig. Hard to see is the tube Atma-sphere MP1 pre Amp with separate power supply. Niagara 7000 is the power conditioner, and Soundsmith Strain Gauge is the phono cart/dedicated phono pre with Graham Phantom II arm and Stealth Audio hyperphono arm cable. The tube amps people have been asking about are Atma-sphere MA-1 Triode OTL’s.

Speakers are TAD CR-1’s, augmented with Velodyne DD 10+ servo subs on custom Starsound Sistrum stands and Enigmacoustic 'stat super tweeters ( currently set up as rear firing). Abbey Road’s mastering suite uses the larger TAD R1 that has a pair of 10" woofers as opposed to my single 8", but I enjoy being able to dial in the amount of under 40hz content for each recording and listening level via the sub’s remote. However their room much smaller and they don’t nearly have the level of amplification the BHK 30’s provide.

Dac is Directstream with BII card and Uptone EtherRegen.

Incidentally the cabling is extremely basic could use updating. Interconnects are balanced mogami gold mic cables, and the quad run of speaker cable is a combination, including runs I made. Power cables are a variety of older items and runs I made with Oyaide plugs and IEC’s. There’s one nice PS Audio AC10 power cord feeding the conditioner. I’d love to replace some of the speaker cables with multiple runs of Iconoclast, but my money needs to go towards creating a film project I will post about soon.

The Emotiva home theater is a completely separate system, although the Velodyne subs accommodate multiple inputs and can serve double duty for stereo and HT. They are fed high level from the BHK amps and balanced from the XMC-1 HT pre. The HT gear is also fed by the Niagara. The center channel is the Andrew Jones designed Elac Adante AC61 with internal band pass woofers (visible drivers are passive radiators) on its dedicated stand.

The rear wall behind the speakers serves as a 15’ diagonal projection screen, and the Realtrap panels that line it (and 2 in first reflection points - not pictured) can be moved to be assembled into a voice over booth.

The space is actually quite a good live for occasional music recording, and eventually it will be used to mix a project.

And just for fun I’ve included some Pics of my office in a separate room and how the listening space can double as a greenscreen studio.

Mic collection including AKG’s and a tube vintage Neumann U67

Rupert Neve channel strip mic pre/compression/parametric eq/transformer saturation

The projection, video sources and HDMI picture and sound routing.

And finally the view from the listening seat.


That setup is friggin’ awesome.

Is that heaven? What are those tube monoblocks?