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I have a Planar 8 with the Apheta 3 MC and suggest getting accustomed to it prior to making and modifications. Mine remains stock. It has a nice open airy sound to my ear. The Planar 10 is a nice step up from the Planar 8. I’d suggest the Planar 10 over modifying the Planar 8. Just my opinion. I stumbled into a once in a lifetime deal on my Planar 8, so I didn’t hesitate on purchasing it.


I’ve done exactly the same with my Planar 3 2016, made a marked improvement.

I will one day have a Planar 8, gorgeous deck.

I’m staying stock on my 8.

That said, the modded 3 was really amazing. I had an Apheta 3, groove tracer sub platter and Orea iso acoustics

I’m saving for a bhk pre amp.

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Haha, we sound like we’re on the same page with the 3, that was specifically why I went for it because I could make some mods over time.

I added the Groove Tracer Reference sub platter, Orea Bronze feet and got a custom dust cover built for it out of high grade perspex which just sits on the plinth as I needed the extra clearance for the rather chunky Ortofon Quintet Black S. Unfortunately I snapped the cantilever on my Quintet Black S, so am currently running a 2M Blue, but intend on getting the Quintet replaced as it’s a stunning cart.

Amazing table for the price.

Very nice

It’s temping to get the Groovetracer reference sub for the 8

I think the zirconia bearing would be so easy for Rega to include.

Too bad they don’t.

I had and sold the Delrin platter. I preferred the sound of the stock glass!

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I think that is a cool design. It is just, plain “sharp”.


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Thank-you, I was pretty surprised with the sound, and the Planar 10 is indeed a step up. More rigidity, better bearing, and then there is the tonearm, a substantial step up. That said, I am most happy with the Planar 8.

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I also have the P8 with Apheeta 3, going into the Stellar phono pre (soon to be BHK phono preamp). My vinyl has never sounded this good. I intend to stay stock also. Cant wait to hear the Rega with the BHK phono. :sunglasses:


I have the same plan.

Any consideration of a Rega Aura?


My thought as well, brilliant, it is a natural pairing to be certain. Several on the forum use the Rega Aura and report the unit’s performance as stunning. Unfortunately, I do not have a Rega Aura, as my Planar 8 is assembled in a system focused on simplicity, as in minimal number of boxes and wires. The Planar 8 most happily feeds a Luxman 509X MC section.

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That’s fantastic.

I came from a Rega elicit and don’t miss it.

I’d like to hear some Luxman some day.

Agree, earlier Rega wasn’t my cup of tea either, especially the phono cartridges, integrated amps, and phono stages common in the USA. I’d say Rega has recently stepped up their offerings, and is worth reconsideration.

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I believe the Luxman 509X is due for a reworking. Possibly a 509X may be had at a discounted price.

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May 15

I believe the Luxman 509X is due for a reworking. Possibly a 509X may be had at a discounted price.

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It would be nice to have an extra shelf for a CD player, but I just don’t see it happening.

I’m gonna stay in analog land so I’ll probably stick with separates

Luxman is awesome though.


The elicit was ok. Not worth 3 grand. I moved to an nad c298 and a Vincent pre amp and the sound got so silky. Big improvement for me!

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I now have the Rega Aura and this is an end game phono pre for me. Detail and finesse with the RP10 and Aphelion 2 cart. Great combo for an analog front end. Replaced a Stellar Phono Pre which has huge performance/dollar.

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Yeah awesome :+1::+1:

I’ll either go Aura or the new phono stage PSA is releasing that I’ve heard is going to be in the perfect wave series.

Purchased a somewhat mint JVC XL-V411 CD player. I say “somewhat” mint because once it arrived via FedEx, the display got knocked crooked, five plastic tabs got broken off, and the motorized volume was making noise, but not moving. I opened it up yesterday, disassembled more than half of it, and got everything straightened out (pun intended) and un-jammed the volume knob. Other than that, the unit is excellent, everything operates, it sounds amazingly good, has a coax output if I want to add a DAC at some point, the remote control looks almost new, and the manual is still sealed in its factory plastic sleeve from 1989.

I also swapped out the APC H15 power conditioner for the much older but totally mint Monster HTS 5000. Reason being that I think the APC might be on its way out. A couple of times in the past week or two, the system connected to it shuts down for a second then comes back on, yet the other half of the system at the front of the room is unaffected, nor is the computer (running Roon Core) and the modem remain on as well in the rear of the room.


I am convinced FedEx dislikes audiophiles.