System Photos!


Uhh… I don’t think that an audiophile board looks better. For my taste this is a great design. Better than those “audiphile” common ones. But I like to be surprised by your decision :grin:


Yes, the light is great…

I did not really care about it. I hear the music as the room reflects it. I have tried a little room correction, but in the end everything set back to linear. And I am satisfied.


Yeah, the downside of having separate music room, cycling studio, and office is that I have to listen to my Bose BT w/ DAP BT in office. In the afternoon, I bring my laptop in the music room. Having on place where it all happens is the bomb. You are hearing music from different points in the room. I assume your couch center is the sweet spot. That room is the bomb! Even has a nice table I could lay out my EE lab with my digital scopes, DMMs, prototyping hardware, dev kits… I am jealous… :slight_smile:


Exactly. An isosceles triangle measured to the centimeter.

My own design. An old oak, which I found in a shed at a carpenter. The wood had dried for seven years. The cracks I poured out with acrylic resin. The frame was welded by a stainless steel specialist. The big and the small table are made of the same tree. And the table is expected to last for the next 100 years. Perfect for your equipment :grin:

Wow, just seen: Ironman Cyclist hail hail hail


Beautiful table - very nice finishing and the acrylic was the approach. I could see doing a whole lot of designing on that bench. Very, very nicely done…

Yeah, 800 out of 2400 that day… 20.5mph on the bike for 112 mi after the 2.4mi swim, and then the marathon run… not for the faint of heart… just love training and it seemed like a logical extension.

I just love that room… I would spend all my time there… so well thought out and executed… hats off… Oh no you didn’t - a freaking kitchen to boot… I just died and went to heaven… they would have to drag me out of that room…


Yes. And you can electrically extend the couch so that it becomes a bed. And before you ask: Behind it is the bathroom with shower, toilet and bathtub. It’s made that you can live there. But I do not rent or sell :grin:


Oh now that is not fighting fair… Holy Crap, you suck! Man is that amazing… thanks for sharing and now I’m going to my bathroom with a dull knife and running the water… :frowning:


Boah… I am 63 and I am still good for 100 km and 1000 hm. I find it anything but funny to watch how you age. This is not for cowards. Whether I want it or not. I have to submit. :frowning_face:


Here are some of my 2 way speakers set up

S 300 Miranda has decorated the boy’s room for Christmas


Yeah, I’m 60 this year and it is fun messing with the youngsters… age is a number… yes, my wife and me call the golden years “golden” because everyone and everything is pissing on you… She swims 100 laps a day and is 67 years old. She just got a back thing… just sux getting old… I am going to fight this like Peter Pan… :slight_smile:


This would be the best way… And thanks for the nice conversation. Good luck to you and your wife.


Beautiful space!


Good to see another Lawrence Audio owner on this thread. Are you in the US? Not very well known here but some really great sounding speakers.


Indeed and we would have been able to carry on the legacy. We tried. Man, we tried hard…


Any inklings why they prefered to kill a healthy brand, product line, and customer base rather than to let it live under new ownership? On the surface of it, it doesn’t seem to make a whole lot of sense.


Precisely. I can understand a company leaving an unprofitable market they are in. But abandoning one that, for all outward appearances was healthy and successful, just isn’t logical. Not to mention the fact that they were a perceived leader in that market with a rabidly loyal customer base! Now that we know they had bidders, it even makes less sense! They could have recouped their investment (or part of it) and left their customers with a little hope that the product line (or chunks of it) would continue on. Didn’t work out with Thiel’s successors, but it would’ve in Paul’s hands! I just don’t get it…


Taking a blind guess here - Oppo also makes smartphones - a whole, whole, lot of smart phones. Apparently they are the largest smartphone manufacturer in China, and their valuation is probably around $100 billion.

So for them, selling off a small portion of their business probably opens up more headaches than whatever value it would bring in.

It would be like if you ran a Fortune 500 company and a lemonade stand and you decided to close the lemonade stand. When you announce you’re closing lemonade stand, people ask you to buy it. Your Fortune 500 company is doing great, but you’re willing to humor it.

What happens then? Do they have the right to use the same name? The same recipe? What if they want you to keep making the lemonade but they’ll run the stand? What if someone gets sick drinking the lemonade they made from your recipe - could you be held responsible? Etc…

It’s likely a very tricky thing selling off only a small portion of your business.

Again, this is all totally blind speculation. I find the topic interesting, though. Businesses almost always act in their best interest, so when something like this doesn’t make sense on the surface, it’s a fun thought experiment to try and puzzle out why.


You nailed it. Optimized ROI and protection of one’s brand.


That businesses act in their own best interest is myth making at its best. That’s their self-professed ideology. The actuality is much less clear.


Who knows what Oppo’s business or legal drivers were. Or maybe their decision to reject offers was an example of the decision making that put them out in the first place.