System Photos!


The room is about 11 x 12.5 feet. It wasn’t too hard to match the subs with the Pulsars and zero issue with the bass overwhelming the room, but the bass traps help. No hesitation in recommending adding a sub or two.


Thanks for the advise.


Nice bro
us infiniti lovers

My RS 1b and 2b / are for renovation.

Here are my home-built bass towers for my Infinity


12 pcs. Dynaudio 12 inch units


You are God…where can I come to visit…



“Representing some PMC love over here (25.23 / 20.c)… Arcam: AVR / phonostage / streamer. Pro-Ject xpression / Goldring 2300, (and sub monitor audio Silver 200… just ok for movies, really low quality compared with the bass of the PMC) looking forward to PS pre+power (as soon the new speakers are paid :sob:)”

Nice bro
It’s great to see someone playing with the transmission line. COOL.
I sometimes play with some old IMF transmission line.



Now it’s my turn. Who wants, may follow me from the basement to the attic. As it stands, most threads concentrate on one room. I actually only hear via Roon. With one exception…

This is the workshop in my basement. It is also my bike training room. This is an uphill job. But with Dub, Chillout and Trip-Hop I survive…

A closer look is helpful to see the music system. A Galaxy TAB A controls Roon, the rest is a merciless cheap chain of Chromecast Audio and Koss Porta Pro. I always have one of those in reserve. The Koss lives about a good year, then it is usually done by the sweat.

This is a Grundig Party Center, I think it’s from 1987. You can see its eventful past. You can no longer set stations, the knob is seized. But thanks to Roon, Chromecast Audio and an AUX input, it’s going great. I have lot’s of fun with it, the ghettoblaster is in the basemen-shower and while I use it (after training), I mostly hear oldies. It’s great fun to sing along with them.

A quick look at the kitchen board. The JVC system is also almost 30 years old. Also equipped with Chromecast. The tape deck is still working, but we don’t have anymore. Oh man, with these pictures, one realize how time flies.

And: Did you see the elephant :grinning:

Continue to the living room. I’m still stuck on the rack that I designed, welded and painted myself about 20 years ago. And thanks to PS Audio and a Direct Stream DAC, this aged system is as modern as ever.

The components:

  • Transrotor Iron
  • Burmester 877 MK II (preamp)
  • Burmester 911 MK III (poweramp)
  • PS Audio DirectStream DAC with Bridge II
  • Sony CDP X779ES (Swoboda 2+ Mod)
  • T+A Criterion T230 (speaker)


As you can see, the preamp and the devices are on one side of the room, the power amp and the speakers on the other. So that you do not see any cables, the XLR cable between preamp and amplifier runs through a cable duct, which I dangled to the basement ceiling.

Cable duct on the basement ceiling. In it runs the XLR connection between the amplifiers and the toslink cable from the TV to the DSD.

Four years ago, I replaced the old attic with my new refuge. This was a lot of work. Here you can see me helping to remove the old roof.

But it was worth every effort.

  • My retreat, sanctuary, place of refuge
  • No entrance for anybody, even my wife has to ask befor going upstairs
  • My working place
  • Also sometimes eating or sleeping
  • My films
  • My pictures
  • My music
  • My volume

I can do what I want without having to justify myself in any way. That’s true freedom

The Stereo:

  • Speaker: B&W 800 D2
  • Amplifier: McIntosh MA9000 AC
  • Streamer: Linn Akurate DSM MK III
  • Headphone amp: Naim DAC V2
  • Headphone: Sennheiser HD 800 & Sennheiser HD 600
  • Roon Server: Housing Cirrus 7, Board Asus Prime H310T, CPU Core i7 8700T, RAM 8GB

And that’s the place where I earn my money (I’m a computer scientist). Someone has stated that he has the best place. But that’s not true. I have it (but it took me 40 years) :grinning:

This is the network plan showing the components and their connection. Also as PDF Document


Hi Michael,

lol…that looks pretty tight! Where is the servo? I’ve just converted mine to the latest accelerometers (thanks to Bascom KIng…!) but not sure they are any better than the originals.

I keep hearing newer speakers, but have yet to hear anything that actually beats the Betas’ when they are working well. Even the IRS 5 doesn’t beat them.


We were one of the serious bidders - beggars actually - and they never even considered an offer.


The guitar is a nice touch to the room!


Amazing, someone else that likes Block Diagrams, well done… :slight_smile:

OK, full disclosure, I have the best life working from home… I research using the laptop with screen on left and conduct business with screen on right…

Your work set up is amazing and hats off… yes, it takes many years… well done…

OK, you showed cycles, my turn… :slight_smile:
That room is next door to my office and used daily…
Full disclosure - had a Trax NEO trainer and did not like it at all; broke in 6 months after only 5,000 mi); however, have 20 Trax videos of the Alps & Pyrenees and use them on my Hammer. I bought it direct from Holland and shipping it back for repair would have been cost prohibitive. My first lesson in never buying direct if there is serious distance (item weight) to manufacturer.


Hi, nice to see great systems. adding mine.

BAT REX Power Monoblocks
BAT REX Preamp
PS Audio DSD with Bridge 2
PS Audio P10
ASR Basis Exclusive Phono Stage
Lawrence audio Double Bass Speakers



Thanks a lot! And Kudos to your racers. thumbsup


Wow. Verry cool lowbord-design on wheels. Never heard of BAT REX. I’ll google for those…


I didn’t sit in the back. For me, it’s the roofline in the front and the sight lines. I’d never get one but the Tesla X is amazing for tall people in that the roof is all glass. I feels so open. These days so very few cars are built for people over 6’3”.


I love the design and use of space, you rock! Like a man-cave but not basement, a loft feel with added great light and use of wood, leather, and iron… have you swept it for acoustic signature? That would be very interesting… glass, beams, wood…


Nice choice of speakers :wink:


Wow. Why am I not surprised? They ended a storied history very badly. Paul, thanks for bidding. I knew you’d have our backs…


Hi StereJo,

Thank you. Actually the rack is my next thing I would like to upgrade to an audiophile one.



6’3" = limited market :wink:


Sorry, not sure how this got in the wrong thread :slight_smile: