Tekton Design speakers


I will say this. In a large room the PBS’s are not ideal. In a average to smaller room they are great. But my room is large and will get larger when I build my own home this year.

The PSB’s are the best speakers I have ever owned, ( so far ) and they do sound great. I feel they miss a bit of impact in my room ( 22’ X 24’ X 8’ ). I have to depend on my subs a tad too much for my liking.

The last couple pairs of speakers I’ve tried had smaller woofers. So the Tekton will have 2 10’s. And larger mid drivers. So I am hoping they will work well for me. I listen to Rock, blues, acoustic, delta blues, country. No jazz or classical.


The build quality of the PSB is outstanding!! I do wish they build a larger speaker next. But that would not be as big a seller I’m sure. Many people have limited floor space.


I appears like the people selling the Tektons are selling the lower priced models. Many are looking to upgrade to the mid priced or higher. I have yet to see many higher end models sold or selling.


I did speak with Eric when I decided to try the Tekton. I should have them on Wednesday. I mention to Eric my musical taste, and speaker expectations. He claimed the Tekton has me covered on all bases. He also voices many of his speakers with Parasound JC-1’s. Which I did try in my system, I ended up with BHK 300’s. I am happy.

I have a very generous trial period with Tekton. So if I don’t like them, I’m only out a large UPS bill.


The Tekton DI SE arrived today. Nice packing, huge boxes!


Can’t wait to hear your impressions.


I’m very curious too, I hear so much about these speakers. I have Zu audio Druid Vs (another Utah speaker that has a love/hate following out there)


Nothing to report. Bad mid driver out of the box. Eric called me direct on his day off to apologize They are shipping out another driver 2nd day air. Eric said this happens sometime during rough shipping. Fed Ex again!


Tekton shipped out a driver. Eric said it’s a simple solder connection! So he assumes we all own soldering irons, have solder, and the skill to use it. WTF kinda warranty is that!? I just got these speakers from Tekton. Out of the box issue. Unless I repair myself, I was told I have to cover the shipping back to Tekton for a refund!!!


Tekton having you do your own repairs… on their malfunctioning speaker for warranty service… or else… you having to pay for return shipping if you do not comply… is a bit lame in my opinion. At least they could send someone over to your place to do the repairs needed… at their own cost of course.


Not many companies pay for warranty service returns. I had to return a Bridge II card to PS Audio under warranty and I had to pay for the shipping back.

I bet that Tekton would be happy to repair the speaker and send it back out to you.


They only offered a driver shipped to me. I was told to install it myself. I was told it was an easy solder connection!

They offered no other option. If I wanted to return them, I have to pay shipping. UPS cost is 650.00!!

So needless to say, I replaced the driver. I just happen to know how to solder well. I used to do CB repair.

I was just blow away by the lack of real support. What if I didn’t have the skills, and tools.


I am waiting for PSA to launch the speakers. That’s my next pair


I fail to see how a defective unit right out of the box is a warranty issue. These companies are so short-sighted when it comes to customer experience issues and the power of word-of-mouth. They are penny wise and pound foolish. I think you should post this experience to the major thread on Audiogon. It will have some serious impact on Tekton’s customer base.


Of course it is a warranty issue. Again, most companies I am aware don’t pay shipping both ways. PS Audio doesn’t…at least not in my case with the Bridge II card. I paid the shipping to them and they paid the shipping back to me. If I would have had a problem that required the DirectStream to be sent back, I would have had to pay the shipping to PS Audio and they would have paid to ship it back. Like I said, this is standard practice…even when the product is defective out of the box.

This is the reality in a world where we buy stuff online with tight margins.


If the product never worked as intended or was damaged in shipping, the company is paying to get the item back from me. It’s a lemon. Warranty should only start after the item is received in perfect working condition and then breaks or malfunctions for some reason. Companies that provide two-way free shipping are coming to eat for lunch those that don’t honor the trust and good will of their customers.


I agree with this. Our policy has always been if there’s an out of the box problem we cover shipping both ways, often just replacing the unit. I will say that easily 50% of the out of box problems are user error, in the end, but none the less, it’s still something we like to get right.


I will have the driver replaced this evening. Then I can report to the sound. Good thing I know how to solder well.


Wow, this is just terrible product support and customer service. As others have said, I can understand a warranty claim needing shipping covered. New out-of-the-box issues is a manufacturing defect and shouldn’t cost you a cent to get repaired.

I can also understand if Eric offered to ship you out the driver rather than shipping back the speakers if you wished to have a speedier repair and didn’t mind doing the work, but that is optional not a requirement.

Before I got my Zu Druids… I called Tekton to learn more about their speakers, which to me seems like a requirement considering they have a wide variety of seemingly random models. (There isn’t any sort of hierarchy or clear description as to which each offers from a listening experience). I kind of got rushed off the phone and didnt get a good feeling about it all, and looked elsewhere.

My experience with Zu Audio has been ALOT different. Even though I bought my speakers used, they have offered excellent tech support with getting them set up, and tweaking other elements of the system to have them running at their full potential. While I dont own any PS Audio stuff (yet)… its clear from this Forum that Paul runs his business in a very similar matter.

So Darren… of course the big question is… how do they sound?


With Tekton there seems to be a love them… or hate them… kind of consensus. Do let us know what you think darrenv1070…