Tekton Design speakers


Tektons are sold!


Darren,did you love them or hate them? I think I know…


Oddly, the Tekton gave me a headache every time I listened to them. Even at lower volume sessions ( 40-45 db ). I have no idea why, but my PSB’s don’t do that. Can anyone explain why maybe? They had nice bass, tight, and didn’t seem bright at all. So I’m puzzled.


My guess is they do something with phase relationships to which you are sensitive.


I didn’t even get a chance to befriend you and take a ride up to hear them from CT… LOL.

Elk might be right… there is a lot of voodoo going on with all the drivers on those things.

This audiophile stuff can give anyone a headache… I dont need a speaker that does so in an active way!


That must be the love it or hate it relationship with Tekton.


Trying Martin Logan ESL 13A next week in my system. Local dealer letting me borrow a demo pair for a few weeks.


You may want to consider doing a demo of the Zu Druids too; they have a policy like Tekton where you can do an in-home trial. Ive really grown to like them over time, but I will say they are very sensitive to upstream equipment. With no crossovers and basically a full-range driver, there isnt much to cloud or color the experience.


I’m all set trying any speaker I can’t listen to first at a dealer. I tried this twice, It was a waste of time, money and effort.

Back to PSB Imagine T3 for now. These are great speakers, not sure why I feel the need to change?


FYI, Tekton will not pay for return shipping within the 30 day trial. The cost to return for refund was so high, I had to sell them off.


You feel the need to change because thats how this nonsense is… you get things sounding good, and then you think “but could it sound better”…

if you are every in the area of southern CT you are welcome to hear my Zu Audio setup.

Your tekton experience has kind of showed me it might be best to continue to avoid them.


I’ll have some Martin Logan ESL 13A in my system early next week. Tuesday likely.


If I like, then I’ll try the ESL 15A


If not, then PSA is next when they finally arrive.



Is there a Legacy dealer close enough to you for you to audition the Focus SE or the Aries? Also the Aerial 7T might be worth a listen.


No dealers less than 3 hours drive


I have heard the “Double Impact” models twice. I’d say they are one heck of a speaker for $3000 per pair!

I guess my ears are particularly sensitive to midrange harshness, most of the setups I auditioned at last year’s Capital Audiofest (to me) exhibited that “harshness”, including the “Double Impacts”. I recently heard them in a home with a low-powered but high-quality tube amplifier, and they did sound less like they were “shouting”, but still exhibited that “harshness” my ears seem to be sensitive to.


I had an SE pair for less than 2 weeks.


Darren how are your ML 13As working out. Could you please dive us your impressions on how these
are performing for you…
Thank you Darren.
Elk please feel free to move my question where ever best suited.
I didn’t want to hijack this tekton thread not my intent to…but did’t know where to place my question.


Yeah! Like my ex-wife and me.